Morbidly funny komiks and kats at the Indie Tiangge!

Komikon isn’t complete without a visit to the indie komiks room, where artists and writers who are just starting out have the opportunity to exhibit their creativity.

Cats and Where to Find Them by Diigii Daguna


This booklet doesn’t actually have a story, but it does showcase a good amount of artwork where you typically, or not typically find cats. Take it as a black and white art book of sorts, at least to me that’s how it comes off as. Not a bad thing, however. For any cat lover and cat owner out there, I’m pretty sure you can relate to where these cats are lazing around on. It’s a cute piece of work to own and check out her Tumblr through the link above for more of her work! 😀

Odds and Ends: Volume 1 by Vaughn Pinpin


Pinpin’s compilation of comics here are omake type snippets, like funny comics in the newspaper. Admittedly, they’re short, but he does well in packing some quirky, if not dark sense of humour into the mix. Who knew the helpful paperclip for these Microsoft apps could be so morbid? Well, check his collection out and jump over to his Tumblr for more works like his Shonen-fied Star Wars, which is a delight to read.

Cupcakes are Stupid by Mika Bacani


Mika’s inspiration for her comics are her life, from little encounters of people with weird spellings for their names or what she did on Valentine’s Day. Cupcakes are Stupid is relatable, from queefing because oops or those little crushes that you feel obligated to stalk. There’s a little dark humour in there too, which could either be depressing or super funny depending on how you take those little bits of information in. The komik is a peak into the head of Mika, and it’s really interesting place to see. Also, more things that come out of her head in the Tumblr link above.

I really wish I could’ve bought more indie komiks at the tiangge if I would have known the works there would be so interesting. The last few times I’ve been to Komikon were just walking around the floors. This year I had the chance for a longer time spent in the Kon, and if there’s one thing I should’ve done was stay at the Tiangge at little while longer. The works are promising and original, so if you’re looking for something different make sure to drop when the next Komikon comes up this November!

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