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Say Hello to the Meizu Pro 7!

Our friends over at Meizu Philippines and Hellotronics invited us over to Sofitel to check out the newest smartphone model of the Pro line: the Meizu Pro 7! It was a wonderful launch where we got to use the phone first-hand and check out all the new stuff they have to offer. We also got to see their special firmware: Flyme!

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Who is Meizu?

Before I tell you about the phone, let’s talk a little about who Meizu is. Meizu, established 2003, is a tech company from China who started out as an MP3-player manufacturer. In early 2007 they entered the smartphone market with the M8. With this initial phone, they continued to innovate and upgrade eventually adding the Flyme to their phones. The Flyme is a stock firmware developed in-house which provides more utility for the phones. The firmware is especially designed for the Meizu with features such as the mBack and mTouch.

What’s great with the Meizu Pro 7 is that it’s the newest model with a new rear-screen display and the latest Flyme! Check it out the video below.


Meizu Pro 7

The Meizu Pro 7 has everything you would expect from a smartphone: front and rear cameras, good display and nice battery life. But, the Meizu Pro 7 has more!

This phone has two rear cameras to take the most detailed pictures from a phone. One camera is a dedicated monochrome camera to get the richest blacks while the other is a real-color cam. Selfie lovers will also get a treat with the front cam which boasts a 16MP camera. With the Flyme supporting the cameras, we get more filters and a smarter beautification application.

This phone is also the first to have a rear display screen. Yep, a screen at the back of your unit. Remember when phones didn’t have a front facing camera and phones had a tiny mirror at the back so you could take a picture of yourself? The rear screen is basically that but with the power of 2017 technology! So if you want to take high quality dual lens selfies, you can use the the rear screen to monitor your shot to take the perfect selfie. What’s more amazing about this is that you can use whatever application you want using whichever side of the phone. (I wouldn’t recommend playing mobage at the back screen tho). Both screens are AMOLED to provide the best colors and save on power.

We also don’t have to worry about battery life since we have 3000 MAH to burn through. The unit also comes with an 18w charger that will fill you up in less than 20 minutes. Also, users who like to play rough with their phones can expect great aftermarket services from Meizu.

Overall, the phone is great and I’m excited to get my hands on it to test our the features personally!

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If you want your own Meizu Pro 7, you can get them at the Meizu shop, at Lazada or at major retailers across the country.

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