DC Comics Cancels Earth 2, Justice League Dark, Justice League 3000, Supergirl, Batman and Robin and Red Hood and the Outlaws

A lot of DC Comics fans would be very disappointed with the announcement of more cancelled titles by June 2015.


The cancelled titles include Red Hood and the Outlaws (above) plus Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin

Oh they’ve also cut Earth 2, Justice League Dark, Justice League 3000 and Supergirl.

The last few weeks also revealed big titles that gets its last rites including:

Green Lantern Corps
Star Spangled War Stories
Infinity Man And The Forever People
Secret Origins
Red Lanterns
Swamp Thing
Aquaman And The Others
Trinity Of Sin
World’s Finest
Arkham Manor

Other ongoing projects that won’t be cut BUT is naturally ending at some point this year include:

Batman Eternal
The New 52 Future’s End (which leads to DC’s Convergence)

Oh and there are reports that suggest that Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three is surviving the mass cancellation; which is very surprising considering that the Injustice game’s already peaked some time ago.

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