The DeLorean Leaps Out of Time!

Fans of the film franchise Back to the Future can rejoice! The DeLorean is back in production.

According to a report by NBC Chicago, the very factory that used to make DeLorean’s back in the 80’s back in Texas making the car made famous by films. Better late than never, right? Especially since for the longest time, it was legal issues that kept the cars off our streets and in mere parts within the factory. John DeLorean was arrested for drug charges, and his company declared bankrupt, hence the lack of further assembly.

It’s now 2016 and under new management, CEO Stephen Wynne has declared that they are making DeLoreans again from parts stored in the factory. There will be no change in the exterior too, so fans can breathe a sigh of relief. This thing is the genuine car right out of its own time. Seems pretty appropriate for the theme, in my opinion.


Here's a preview of what it looks like.
Here’s a preview of what it looks like.


Super fans of the show can shell out $50,000 for a refurbished car, or can fork up around $100,000 for a brand new one.

These babies roll out sometime in 2017, so keep an eye out.

On a side note, any of you geeks got fandoms where you want actual vehicles from the franchise you want go into production and road use? The Fast and the Furious movies have tons of cars from our version of reality, but what about Batman’s tumbler and those crazy cars from Mad Max: Fury Road? Drop us some comments below, or better yet, links to some builds I’m sure some hard core fans have built!

Now, for the real question: Do these things have flux capcitors?

Unfortunately, this author is bad with cars so for further reading on the specs, click here if you want more details.

Source: NBC Chicago, Jalopnik

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