Six Dr. Doom Costumes Better than the 2015 Movie Costume

So that’s it then, the verdict is out. Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four has effectively disappointed a lot of fans on so many levels including the way they made Dr. Doom look towards the third act of the movie.

First of all, lets look at what Fox has done with their Dr. Doom played by actor Toby Kebell.

fantastic four 2015 dr doom

Horrible and deplorable isn’t it?

Anyway check out the other variations of Dr. Doom from the comic books that could’ve have worked well in the silverscreen because we know that you need a way to ‘unsee’ the film version of Dr. Doom.

Doomwar Doom


In one of the underrated storylines from Marvel called Doomwar, Doctor Doom goes on a power struggle for Wakanda, leading to a clash between the two Black Panthers T’Challa and Shuri together with T’Challa’s wife Storm and the X-Men.

Towards the end of the story, Doom manages to upgrade his armor coating it with Vibranium adding to his already formidable power.

Unthinkable Doom

Unthinkable Doom

In the story arc “Unthinkable” Doom captures Franklin and Valeria after a sudden attack on the team. Now the Fantastic Four must travel to Latveria to save them. The ramifications of this would have lasting effects on the team. Doom gets an armor upgrade from the three demons that he made a pact with. This is pure mystic power with the runes and the markings.

Young Avengers Dr. Doom


In one of the more shocking moments in the book, Doctor Doom exploits Scarlet Witch’s powers (don’t ask please), he manages to get her powers and for a brief period in the book gains a completely different color scheme. He’s so powerful in this form that he manages to ‘cure’ Hank McCoy of his beastly form and help make Cyclops see without the use of his ruby-quartz visor.

Future Foundation Dr. Doom


Inb4 he became God Doom in Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars, Doom also wore the white as part of his affiliation with the Future Foundation. He joined up at the request of his ‘god daughter’ Valeria Richards and played a crucial role in taking down multiple threats on Earth in multiple fronts.  Still, we get the same power set and skills.

Beyonder Powered Dr. Doom


Doom gets a massive upgrade when he stole the Beyonders powers in Secret Wars. The cloak and the hood gets ditched and we get a streamlined, albeit 80s Doctor Doom.

BONUS: What if? Secret Wars Doom



In a What If? story entitled “What if Dr. Doom Kept the Beyonders Powers” we see what could have been if Doom had been left unchallenged with the powers of Beyonders, the dude was so bad ass that he went as far as beating Galactus (again) and took out even the Celestials themselves.

That was pretty good, then he decided to retire and brought back the Earth.

Destroyer Armor Dr. Doom



Nothing’s more bad-ass than seeing Dr. Doom’s consciousness inside the Destroyer armor. In a story arc from “Thor” Loki and Doom work together, dissecting displaced Asgardians who have taken refuge in Latveria. When Thor finally blunders into the scene, Loki and Doom has learned so much about Asgardians in general that they even managed to control the Destroyer.

This last one was very cool. I had wished that this could be a possibility but seeing the gap between Marvel Studios/ Disney and Fox.

Fantastic Four is now showing from 20th Century Fox

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