Booster Gold


Geek Dream Cast: Nathan Fillion as Booster Gold

The Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago has some interesting tidbits to come out of it. Our most favorite bits comes from a fan Q&A session with the Firefly & Serenity crew: Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion. All three have such respectable acting backgrounds: Summer Glau acting in Serenity and Arrow,  Adam Baldwin voicing Green Lantern…

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Casting Descriptions for Arrow/Flash Spin-off Series Reveals Three New Heroes

With the massive success of both Arrow and The Flash on TV, it's a no-brainer that a third series, a spin-off most likely, gets fast-tracked. Today we share the character descriptions for three new heroes who will be headed that direction including what could be Booster Gold. The first new character is called “The Traveler.” Described…

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