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‘Alyas Robin Hood’ is Nothing at all Like ‘Arrow’

First off, we’d like to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Green Arrow from DC Comics!

Happy 75th Oliver Queen!

Now, in completely ‘unrelated’ news: Check out the First Footage From Alyas Robin Hood!

So we had a field day with Alyas Robin Hood before with #PitchAShowToGMA. We weren’t hating on the show, mind you, but the blatant lack of originality was just too easy. Who are we to let such low-hanging fruit pass?

Seeing the show’s director defense and how she took all the criticism about it personally, we knew we had to give Alyas Robin Hood a chance. We weren’t heartless trolls out to destroy the hard work of these (otherwise) creative people. Sure, our friends at Girls Got Game put in their two cents and we agree with them wholeheartedly, but who knows, this show may prove us wrong and turn out to be good. It may not be the Arrow ripoff we all think it was.

Well, new footage of Alyas Robin Hood came out and we can confidently say that it is nothing like Arrow.

I mean, sure, Arrow had a bar as well, but like any normal bar in this universe, it is dimly-lit, unlike the fluorescent nightmare in Alyas Robin Hood.

Sure, the Arrowverse has Heatwave, a supervillain who uses a flamethrower, but the CW has a competent props department and did not need to buy a Super Soaker and pray to God that nobody on Earth recognizes that the villain is brandishing a toy.

Also, Heatwave was in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Totally not on Arrow, so it’s not a rip-off, you see?

Unlike Alyas Robin Hood, Arrow has outstanding fight choreography. You can’t see Stephen Amell try to slap air in yet another vain attempt to hit not-Heatwave who was showing off the tai chi moves he learned just ten minutes ago.

And of course, Arrow is a grim and gritty superhero crime show while Alyas Robin Hood is a comedy.

Seriously, internet. You guys are overreacting.

However, I can think of one thing that Alyas Robin Hood and Arrow have in common – they both can make me cringe. That must be the master plot they were talking about, I guess?

PS is not-Heatwave the movie pirate guy from the Derek Ramsay anti-piracy ad?

Ade Magnaye

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