The Five Things You Must Know About Jessica Jones

Yes! TV fans and Marvel Zombies, Netflix and Marvel Studios’ new offering Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter is finally here! But before you bingewatch (like you did with Daredevil) we at What’s a Geek would like to give you a couple of things you may need to know about the character, to make the viewing experience a bit more enjoyable.

Sweet Christmas Spoken For


Before the Marvel Universe got obliterated in Secret Wars, Jessica Jones was married to ‘Power Man’ Luke Cage. They even had a baby named Danielle (taken from the Partridge Family and not from Cage’s BFF Danny Rand aka Iron Fist). It looks like they are still married in this ‘All new All Different’ continuity.


The couple got married in one of the earlier issues of New Avengers with the original roster in attendance.

What’s more surprising is how they got that way seeing that Jess and Luke were just casually hooking up…

Controversy is her name

When Brian Michael Bendis started fleshing out her background on the title ‘Alias’ and ‘The Pulse’, we constantly got  shock value moments from the book, the character and her supporting cast which also includes Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (though at the time she was still Ms. Marvel) and again, Luke Cage.

The controversy came later in the volume and included sensitive and disturbing stuff like how Jessica and Luke do the horizontal mambo; or that scene where Jessica finds Carol in bed with both Scott (dead at this point) and Luke (who she already has a thing for).

jessica-jones-alias-controversial-scene (2)

jessica-jones-alias-controversial-scene (1)

jessica-jones-alias-controversial-scene (3)

The biggest doozy though comes from Jessica’s main enemy the Purple Man (played onscreen by former Dr. Who David Tennant) and how he managed to screw up Jewel’s life for a year or so including sexually abusing her.



One of the things people should know when they start watching Jessica Jones is that early in her life, the one that’s happier and brighter, Jessica had a crush on a pre-Spider-Man Peter Parker.

This was later revisited in an issue of New Avengers when she talks about this in front of the team casually.

Tragic Origins


The reason why she never fully embraced being a hero was because she had to deal with one tragedy after another. She lost her family in an accident which also granted her powers of strength and invulnerability. Jones had to deal with Purple Man messing with her as well as the fact that she was sent to kill the Avengers. There’s also bad romances and alcohol. So yeah, Iron Man she ain’t.

Her Choice of Nanny


By the second volume of New Avengers, still by Bendis, Jones has grown accustomed to the world of Avengers. Living in Avengers Mansion and working with Cage’s New Avengers team meant that she had to hire help in raising her daughter Danielle. She opts to get Squirrel Girl as the infant’s nanny.


Of course there’s a slim chance that whatever’s in this list won’t appear in the new Netflix TV show but its definitely a great thing that the character has grown in such a short time. It’s also something to look forward to as the TV-scape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts growing and expand all over the place.

Watch out for our review of the series Jessica Jones as it’s now out on Netflix.

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