Review: Godzilla in Hell # 1

Godzilla in Hell # 1 review from IDW Publishing; written and drawn by James Stokoe.

godzilla in hell (3)

The latest offering from IDW Publishing has got me all crazy! I just love the concept and the artwork for this issue.

Godzilla in Hell is very similar to other previous Godzilla books from IDW; the only thing that’s different is the absence of a narrator. This Big-G outing smartly uses panels to tell a story. It’s a story of Godzilla finding himself in hell.

The hows and whys are forgotten for this issue as we get taken aback to watch Godzilla literally pick himself up from a long fall. We, as readers, don’t know how this had happened but we are pretty certain that this is not the ghost of Godzilla, but rather the actual Godzilla…

Methinks the concept is cool and unique. Stokoe complements the idea by giving readers a number of great splash pages and huge fight scenes for this issue.

godzilla in hell (1)

The colors used here was also impressive; really complemented the line work as well as the very few text that appeared. Also helped in painting a terrifying image of what Godzie has to face in hell.

I really think this was one of the BEST single issues of Godzilla that has come out. It’s a high concept with a great artwork and a great hook and its easily accessible for casual readers and hardcore Godzilla fans as well. Too bad we’ll have to say goodbye to James Stokoe for the next issue as another creative team steps up to chronicle the Big G’s adventures in hell. Will he beat the crap out of Satan? Let’s see.

IDW Publishing also has balls executing this. Major props to them.

SCORE: 5/5

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