Ricky Whittle is Shadow Moon for ‘American Gods!’

For those who are ardent fans of Neil Gaiman, it is no longer news that Starz has had a TV adaptation of American Gods brewing for the longest time. We’ve been hearing that it was handled by HBO (2011), and now to its current studio under the helm of Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, Dead Like Me, Heroes) and Michael Green (Sex and The City, Smallville, Green Lantern, Gotham).

After the longest time, we’ve finally got our Shadow Moon cast! Ricky Whittle of The 100 fame in the US and of Hollyoaks (238 episodes!) for those in the UK.

For the uninitiated to the mythos, this series is something to look forward to. American Gods follows Shadow Moon as is he released from his prison sentence after the death of his wife and best friend. Soon after, he takes on the job of working as a bodyguard for a Mr. Wednesday. Nothing strange there, yeah?

But what if your employer were an old Norse God? (Guess who!) And he’s not the only god of myths and legends running around America. The whole concept of the series is based in thoughtform, or perhaps simply, faith and belief. As long as there are believers, the physical manifestation of the beliefs of those living in the United States will exist. The origins of the country itself is rooted deeply in differing cultures as a result of from the immigrants that populate the land. But faith wavers and beliefs change in time, and soon the old gods have a war brewing with the new gods of America: media, celebrity, fame, and a constellation of others that have come to reside in our consciousness. As the old gods and their powers wane, Shadow Moon is thrown into the middle of this conflict, and it’s no surprise the whole shindig gets a whole lot complicated.

I’ve been waiting on this series like the rest of the fans of Neil Gaiman, and I’m more than ready for a reread once the show actually premieres on our TV screens.

The Hugo Award winning author is also set to executive produce along with Fuller, Green, Cegielski, Berk, and Beers.


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