Trailer and Season Premier Date for Doctor Who drops at SDCC Panel

Doctor Who

Warning, spoilers for Series Eight if you haven’t already seen it!

SDCC has always been a gift that keeps on giving, especially for shows that are as widely followed across the world as Doctor Who. Hall H played home to the stars of Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, the former of whom expressed that he’d never expected to go in front of people and receive the wild cheering that he did.

They were joined by Michelle Gomez, who played a wonderfully insane incarnation of The Master. Showrunners Steven Moffat and Hettie MacDonald, and new writer Catherine Tregenna also joined the cast on stage.

If you haven’t already seen the trailer, here it is:

The most glaringly obvious bit is the fact that The Master (Mistress, Missy, her) has once again managed to cheat death. Whatever she’s up to this time, it’s made clear in the trailer that her fate is as intertwined with The Doctor’s as Clara’s is.

As for The Doctor, it seems a lot more like he’s settled into his new (loosely-used) skin. Where Season Eight may have left the impression that he had no idea who he was anymore, the trailer makes him sound a lot like he knows who he is again. He asked the question “am I a good man?” in the previous series, and his proclamation of “I save people” in the trailer is indicative of that.

The trailer appears to suggest that Clara is with The Doctor full-time now, and that she’ll have plenty of interactions with The Master this season. There were a lot of questions left by her storyline in the previous season, so hopefully we get some answers.

The biggest question on every Whovian’s mind at the moment, though? Who exactly is Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams playing? Her appearance in the last few seconds of the trailer was enough to get people thinking. Could she be The Doctor’s daughter? River Song in a new body? Or – dare we hope – Donna Noble?

The answer to that question will have to wait until the season nine premier of Doctor Who on September 19.

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