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Hay Naku Hasht5

Lately, the What’s A Geek team have been doing all sorts of mind-numbing articles like those WTF Wattpad articles and a whole lot more that we’ll keep under wraps for now. And now this. This, uh, thing.

If you guys have been living under a rock on the other side of the world and know nothing about Hasht5, then you are blessed! Close this tab now and load up some nice K-pop videos and go about your day in bliss.

I bet you have some passing idea of what Hasht5 is but if you need want a refresher, read this. But if you are like me (read: someone who lives in the Internet), then you already know what we are about to go through.

Last chance to go read something else. Ready? Let’s go! *Dazed and Confused cover starts playing* You know the one.
Alright, so this game is called A Date With Mr. Right. It’s a fairly recent dating sim/visual novel from Lightbreak Games and it focuses on the player character meeting Mr. Right — Marlou Arizala in a mall. The game is pretty straightforward.

It starts off with you going to the mall to pick up some school supplies when you literally bump into Marlou.


pls help this isn't what i signed up for
A date with Mr. Right! How exciting!


From here, we go into standard visual novel style choices. Sad part is, your choices only affect what kind of cheesy pick-up line tries on you. No matter what you pick, you end up in the next question with no repercussions. We do get treated to a new picture of Marlou after two questions, so that’s a definite plus.

After a few choices, we get this cliffhanger of an ending graphic. Honestly, I felt bitin and was wanting for more choices and Marlou. I realize how different my life  is now that Hasht5 is here; a world full of beauty and peace that imshall never have again. Here’s hoping we get more Hasht5 soon!

help me pls
A date with Mr. Right! How exciting!


The game’s only background music is the Hasht5 cover of One Thing. While great, this plays on loop for the whole game and cannot be muted in-game. I’ve mentioned it before but the choices are lacking and the story’s only strong point is Marlou being awesome. The graphics are repetitive and Marlou’s face is blurred. Huh, looking at it again, I realize that it really is how he looks like. My bad.

Overall, the game has some novelty but it still seems unfinished. I’m giving this a 2/5 for now; definitely expecting more when they eventually update! (please don’t be a paid DLC)

A Date With Mr. Right (named A date with marlou) is available on Google Play and is made by Lightbreak Games.


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