5 Lessons From Anime of 2019

Anime has many varied stories. These stories can take us to many places across time and space; from war-torn lands to peaceful country side villages. But no matter how far a piece of fiction takes you, as it’s written by a human, the human experience will always be intertwined with it. That’s why we can always take away something from fictional pieces and integrate it with our own experiences. That’s why in this article we’re putting together 5 lessons from anime 2019 that we thought would be important to bring along your 2020 journey.

5 Lessons From Anime

Danberu Nan Kiro Motteru: Anyone Can Be Fit


This one is for everyone trying to reach their #FitnessGoals2020. Danberu is a story about a group of girls learning their way around the gym. It’s a lighthearted anime with some good tips on how to perform basic exercises and also teaches how to keep fit even outside the gym.

The exercise tips alone are great lessons to take away from this anime, but I will try to take it a step further and say that this show teaches us that anyone can be fit. Even further, there are many valid reasons to want to be more fit and healthy.

We have a colorful cast of gym-goers in this anime all with their own personal reasons for wanting to be at the gym. Whether you’re working hard to be more comfortable in your own skin, just love the rush of exercising, have #CosplayGoals, or if you want to beat your rival at arm wrestling, your goals matter. So don’t shame people for their goals and let’s all help each other out at the gym! NICE BULK!

Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: Socializing is a Skill

Hitoribocchi follows the story of Bocchi, a loner entering middle school. She is separated from her only friend in elementary. Her friend, knowing that she’s a hardcore loner, resolves to try and change that by telling Bocchi that they can’t reunite until she’s made friends with all her classmates.

We follow Bocchi’s struggle to make friends, and over time, she gets better at talking to people and socializing with them.

We sometimes forget that socializing is a skill. There are some people who are skilled and those that are not. But like any skill, it can be taught, learned, and improved. Don’t discount your socializing skills just because you see someone better. You just need time and practice; one step at a time. And remember, everyone’s awkward at some level.


Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to help a socially awkward pal out. Be considerate and help them out if the situation calls for it!

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo: Open Communication

This anime is about a group of girls trying to navigate their way around puberty, specifically sexual and romantic feelings.

There are a lot of things that happen in this anime. There are many situations where I can pick out a specific part and pick something to learn from in that specific instance. But I’d have to go with something that can be applied to most of the anime: open communication.

There are a lot of instances in this anime where open communication could’ve saved them a lot of drama. But hey, what’s a little high school drama without the misunderstanding trope, eh? But irl situations, a friendship, or even a romantic relationship can do with being more open with each other. It can clear up misunderstandings, outline expectations, and it can help understand each other’s personalities.

Yet again, it’s not as easy as that. This can also be viewed as a skill. It takes practice to be more open, and maybe at times, more vulnerable to another person. So keep at it. If you’ve watched enough high school anime drama, you’d be well  aware of the dangers of misunderstandings.

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Compassion and Gentleness Even in the Most Cruel Situations

Kimetsu No Yaiba follows the story of Kamado Tanjiro. He comes back home to find his family massacred. However, there is a single survivor. Tanjiro finds his little sister, Nezuko, narrowly escaping death’s grasp. Tanjiro carries her on his back while desperately looking for help.

Unbeknownst to him, his sister is turning into a demon. She turns while on his back and attacks him. A person from the Demon Slayer Corps., Giyu, explains his situation. Finding a way to turn Nezuko back into a human would be next to impossible the way Tanjiro is now. Furthermore, he says Nezuko will only devour Tanjiro if left alive and tries to kill Nezuko. Tanjiro desperately tries to fight Giyu and fails. Seeing her brother injured, Nezuko tries to protect her brother.

The kindness and compassion that the siblings have for each other moves Giyu and sends Tanjiro off to be trained to be a Demon Slayer in order to prepare him for the challenges ahead.

Kindness and compassion, even in the face of overwhelming cruelty is a major theme in Kimetsu No Yaiba. Tanjiro, having seen first hand that demons were once human, treats them quite differently compared to his peers. While unwavering in delivering justice for all the suffering these demons have inflicted on others, Tanjiro recognizes that these terrible actions were born of a very human condition.

Some demons resorted to becoming demons because of very human weaknesses: insecurity, loneliness, fear of one’s mortality. As much as Tanjiro cleanses these demons of their physical affliction as demons by slaying them, at the end of their lives, he also bestows upon them something they should’ve been given from the start, understanding and compassion.

In a bittersweet manner, in their last moments, Tanjiro reminds these demons of what it feels like to be treated humanely again. 

Cautious Hero: Be Prepared..?

And finally a little preparation goes a long way…

Or is it…

A long preparation goes a little way..?


There you have it, our 5 lessons from anime that we learned in 2019. What lessons have you learned from 2019 anime? Tweet it at us on our twitter. We’d love to hear your anime stories!


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