Cosplay Carnival 2019 Takes Festivals Out For A Spin

Who doesn’t love a carnival? There’s always thrill going around in the open with friends and family and exploring awesome rides, cool games, and all-around fun. Well, imagine going to a carnival with your favorite characters from anime, video games, and films. And that’s basically the sense of what Cosplay Carnival 2019 is all about.

Attendees, fans, and enthusiasts should expect carnival games and a ton of photo opportunities with your favorite characters. Even the ambiance of SMX Convention Center in Pasay this March 23 to 24, 2019 will definitely change with this unique “carnival” spin.

Cosplay Carnival 2019: What’s A Carnival Without The Fun Antics?

Cosplay Carnival shines in its way of providing quite a new spin to the local cosplay scene. After all, why just make “an event” when you can make an entire carnival? This also shows in various stage programs present throughout the event. These include:

  • Cosplay OTP: In this game, cosplayers “build” a performance by tagging each other onto the stage.
  • Cosplay Karaoke: Event-goers are highly encouraged to sing to their favorite tunes in their favorite costumes.
  • Just Duet: If you don’t want to sing alone, you can take the experience up a notch by singing a duet with a partner! Don’t worry, because you can sing anime songs and mainstream songs.
  • Cosplay Group Dance Battle: If you’re not in the mood for song, perhaps dance can help you get more energized?

More Fun and Activities!

If you’re not in your costume, you don’t necessarily need to feel left out. You can still have fun with a ton of carnival-themed festivities offered by the event. That’s right – it’s really like having an actual carnival with your favorite characters. Games and activities include:

  • Frenemy Feud: This serves as Cosplay Carnival’s take on the popular TV Game show. Frenemy Feud is a fast-paced anime-infused take on the concept, where two (2) teams will try to guess the most popular answer to survey questions on anime-related topics. As usual, if the top answer can’t be guessed quickly enough, you can steal points!
  • Tableflip Showdown: We’ve always wanted to do tableflips. However, have you encountered a competition where you can tableflip for a prize? In Cosplay Carnival, Tableflip Showdown does that for you. Whoever flips the table the furthest can win prizes. Come on, make Ichigo proud!
  • Dart Parade: Fancy yourself a good shot? You can try aiming for bullseye in Dart Parade! If you score high, you can win prize!
  • Anime Ring Toss: If you like something, you ought to put a ring on it. And if you like to win prizes, the Anime Ring Toss gives that popular Beyonce song an anime twist.
  • Basketbong Barrage: Channel your inner Sakuragi and beat the buzzer in this fun game!

It’s Cosplay Galore!

If there’s anything fans will probably wait for in a cosplay event, it’s cosplayers. And aside from showcasing local talent, there’s going to be some guests as well! For this year, they’re going to bring A.K. Wirru.

Fans of A.K. Wirru will recognize him as a renowned costumer, cosplayer, model, and workshop presenter. In fact, he’s been doing this for the past 12 years! A.K. Wirru hails from Sydney, Australia, and he’s won quite the number of awards there. These include:

  • Madman National Cosplay Championship Champion (2010, 2014)
  • World Cosplay Summit – Team Australia (2012, 2019)
  • OzComic Con Crown Championships, Australian Champion (2017)

You can catch him on Day 1 (March 23, 1PM- 2:30PM, and 6:30PM- 7:30PM) and on Day 2 (March 24, 1:30PM- 2:30PM, and 6:30PM- 7:30PM)

Prepare For Your Typical Convention, With A Twist

Our crew at What’s A Geek! have attended quite a lot of’s events, and quite some more conventions for our coverages. And if there’s anything we’re sure of, there’s a ton of offerings in Cosplay Carnival for you to enjoy.

  • Booths and stalls alone offer assortments of merchandise, toys, and other items for your enjoyment. Some fantastic finds await there, so be sure to check these out!
  • Cosplay Carnival staples remain in the form of fun games and activities, within and outside center stage. These are common themes you’d find in conventions out there, and Cosplay Carnival wants to take it up a notch.
  • Local artists will set up shop in Cosplay Carnival, so be sure to check them out. Some of them offer commissions, and some offer stunning artwork!
  • There’s also bag storage! If you’re worried about carrying a ton of stuff while touring the function room, you can pay to have your stuff stored for a fee.
  • You better wait for Day 2 because will announce the first Cosplay Mania 2019 guest there!

Get Your Carnival Game On!

Cosplay Carnival will happen this weekend, March 23 to 24, 2019 at Function Room 5 of the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. You can also check the event’s official Facebook Page for more information.

We’ve got to thank for this awesome event, too! makes itself known as the premier J-culture events organizer in the Philippines. And you’ll best know them for conventions besides Cosplay Carnival, such as Fanfes Manila, Cosplay Matsuri, Anime and COsplay Expo, and hit J-culture event Cosplay Mania.

(Featured image uses images from the official Cosplay Carnival 2019 event page)

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