2018 in Anime – What’s A Geek! Highlights!

Who said geeks had a hard time geeking out in 2018? If anything's, we had difficulty with all the things we can do in 2018. Part of this will be 2018 in anime, as What's A Geek! staffers Chad and Emile give us a quick preview on some of their highlights for the year. What exactly can we consider…

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Hibike Euphonium Review – K-On! meets Whiplash

Hibike Euphonium Review - K-On! meets Whiplash Last Spring Season 2015, Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) tried its hand at another music anime. This time around,  Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium) was about a high school concert band. Initially viewed as another anime about cute girls doing cute things, KyoAni’s latest outing proved to be quite different from…

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Konoha Diaries: Boruto the Movie Review

After the screening of The Last: Naruto the Movie a few months back, some of us were quite intrigued on how things would be with regards to Naruto and Hinata's life after marriage. A few have already been speculating that there will be another manga, continuing Masashi Kishimoto's work; a Gaiden of some sorts. Looks like…

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