Konoha Diaries: Boruto the Movie Review

After the screening of The Last: Naruto the Movie a few months back, some of us were quite intrigued on how things would be with regards to Naruto and Hinata’s life after marriage. A few have already been speculating that there will be another manga, continuing Masashi Kishimoto‘s work; a Gaiden of some sorts. Looks like they were right, as they announced an epilogue to the Naruto series, in which all characters are returning while introducing the newest generation of shinobi: Boruto: Naruto the Movie!


Let’s start off with how Team Konohamaru (Yes, Konohamaru is Boruto’s captain/sensei!) is doing on their current mission: capturing a rouge Panda that escaped from the zoo. Quite the development right? Team Kakashi‘s first mission was capturing a cat named Tora, Team Ebisu had the very same mission, and now the most recent addition to the student-teaches-his-sensei’s-kid cycle had to deal with a big, frenzied panda! Actually, I’m not even sure if that is a panda! This part really is predictable for me, with Konohamaru handling Boruto and co. The student/teacher hierarchy has already been previewed at the start of the Shippuden series and I wouldn’t be surprised if majority of the fans have also predicted this. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with this, here’s a small chart of the hierarchy I’m talking about:

Hiruzen – Jiraiya – Minato – Kakashi – Naruto – Konohamaru – Boruto


So anyway, the mission ended successfully with with Konohamaru using a Nara family-exclusive ninjutsu, the Shadow-Binding Jutsu, to capture the giant, frenzied panda. Of course, Boruto and co. are in awe, and the secret is revealed: a shinobi item called Kote, which utilizes technique scrolls, and fires them as a Shinobi’s own, without the inconvenience of bloodline limitations. As they report back to Naruto’s office, Boruto easily fires up an argument with his father, with the most pettiest issue IMO: Naruto telling his son to call him “Seventh” inside the office instead of “Dad”. Well, talk about family feud! It ended with Boruto telling Naruto he’s displeased with his actions of spending more time at work than at home. Even telling him that if he forgot his sister Himawari’s birthday, he wouldn’t forgive his dad. Yep, another typical rebel-son-who-hates-his-dad-but-cares-for-his-sister-dearly scenario. The scene ends with Boruto running off, getting a video game software, and then hangs out with the other new generation shinobi. Here they discuss the Chuunin exams, and the application, much to Boruto’s disgust as he shows no interest at all. Sarada implores him to apply as they need him for a 3-man team, without him, hindering her from her dream of being Hokage. And to everyone’s shock, Boruto bursted out, “WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT BEING HOKAGE?!!“, pertaining to his annoyance to his dad. Inojin and Shikadai also added, “but hey, without you, we can’t play our game too!” Boruto then gives them off his game data, telling them they can manage without him. Much to their disappointment, it’s a cheat file data, in which all stats are 999 or almost perfect. The latter saying, “Boruto, you big cheat!”, as Boruto leaves to pick-up his mom and sister to shop for the birthday celebration at home.


They arrive at home, only to be surprised that the man of the house, is at home for Himawari’s birthday! Even baked a cake for them! When all of a sudden, POOF! It was only a Shadow clone. After the smashed birthday cake, everyone went silent for a moment, save for Boruto who was surely pissed off. As he walked out, he started questioning his mom about his dad, “WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE THE HOKAGE?!!” Hinata answered, “Being the Hokage is an important job, the most crucial of all missions! You have to understand your dad.” This part really hit the nerves as majority of us (REAL TALK), did this when we were so damn teeny rebellious, “Pfffft…he can’t even appreciate his family! Oh yeah, HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY FAMILY!” Oh shoot, that was SOOOOOOO foul! In the end, Hinata told his son (surprisingly without slapping him in the face), “You are lucky your dad is still here. Naruto didn’t have much of a choice, he spent his life alone.” And Boruto, being partially sorry for that, took off as though he never heard that. Then back at the Hokage tower, Sasuke reports to Naruto, telling him about decoding a scroll he found. He also told Naruto that, “Your son is the splitting image of yourself…” The Seventh replied, “He is, but he’s luckier. All his clothes are brand new, all of his things are always like that. Me on the other hand, mostly are hand-me-downs and worn-outs…” Another feels mode from Naruto folks *slow clap with teary eyes*

I’m only gonna spoil you guys up to that part. It’s still better to discover the ending with you watching it. However, here’s the feedback.

All in all, it’s a great movie, not because it is a Naruto movie, but because a lot of problems millennials and the modern age youth have been encountering are depicted in the movie. Best example is Boruto, he likes to get things done fast and easily. The video game cheat, the way he acts to traditional stuff. He’s obviously representing our kids or those who have been born years after us. They grew up in a world that is fast-paced, almost everything can be done swiftly that they believe that it is normal. Do something a little traditional and they’ll call it boring and a waste of time.

As for Naruto and the whole of Teams 7-10, their adult/family life is pretty much the millenials’ mirror, OUR mirror. They were born in the middle of a great change, like us being born on the last years of outdoor exploring and the early years of advanced technology. They knew how to push their limits, they knew how to strive but when technology came, it was 50-50. Majority adapted to it while some stuck to their roots.

As for their kids, they always tell them about how everything was so slow back then that they had to prove everything by their own hard work, NO SHORTCUTS. Familiar with the scenarios right? Heck, the adults in this movie, even goes as long as our parents’ generation, which is in fact a great depiction of the generations of the society.

Last issue, but certainly not the least: The Family Footsteps. Clearly, Boruto is yet again the example in this one. Grandpa’s a Hokage, dad is a Hokage, so he’s expected to be one too. Grandpa’s a seals master, dad is the strongest Jinchuuriki, so he’s as expected to have his own special prowess. I bet you guys already have an idea, right? Some of us are born into a family of engineers, architects, lawyers, etc. I myself was born into a family of doctors, and I always get that, “You should also pursue medicine! Be a doctor like your mom!” Quite frankly, you will be obliged to do so, but by the end of the day, once you realize it, you can’t be them. Even if you gave it 110% of everything you have, if it’s not your forte, it’s not you. Then you decide to rediscover yourself, you acknowledge your limitations, embracing them and introduce the “YOU” who is far superior than who you were, your true self! Man, now THIS. IS. A. MOVIE!

So before I close this review and spoiler, one last fan service for those who’re predicting it already. Yes, BORUSARA SHIP IS REAL!!! Haha! Watch the movie and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Oh, and the guy in the middle? Orochimaru’s son. Yep, you read that right, Mitsuki, is the Hebi Sannin’s son! Well, just don’t know if Orochimaru is his dad or mom, you be the judge, haha! Well, that’s a wrap! Have a great one guys! Believe it, ‘ttebayo!

Special thanks to SM Cinemas for screening Boruto: Naruto the Movie here in the Philippines!

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