Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Announced!

Apart from today’s All New Avengers, Marvel Comics has also teased another team book for SECRET WARS – Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders!


The new series will feature a new Captain Britain, Faiza Hussain, who was last seen in Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI-13 a few years ago together with some of the cast members of Al Ewing’s “Mighty Avengers” book namely She-Hulk and White Tiger. New characters added into the mix include Kid Rescue and Hobie Brown.

Since it’s Secret Wars, it’s going to be set in Battleworld particularly in between Mondo-City One and Yinsen City. Writer Al Ewing reminded readers that Mondo City One is a pastiche of a famous comic book city where a certain Judge character plays judge, jury and executioner. This version though has Boss Cage, the undefeatable clone of Danny Cage, Luke Cage’s grandson.

If you can’t recall where this character and city appeared, here’s a clue – THUNDERBOLTS.

As for Yinsen City:

“On the other hand, we’ve got Yinsen City, where Ho Yinsen survived the origin of Iron Man instead of Tony Stark, and used his own medical tech to create the Rescue Armor,” Ewing explains. ” His influence turned Marvel-Earth into a utopia of peace and plenty, peacefully colonizing space. As you can imagine, when Mondo City decides it wants some of that peace and plenty for itself – all in the name of the law, or course – the kind and generous people of the Yinsenverse are going to have trouble standing in their way. Or are they?”

That could explain the addition of Kid Rescue in this team-up. What I’m more interested is how Faiza will handle all of this away from Dane Whitman aka Black Knight.

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