The Dream Fight: Goffu vs. Super Thor

If you’re a fan of comics, then you’d know who Thor and Superman are. How many times have you ever imagined a scenario where your favorite superheroes from Marvel and DC duked it out against each other?

Well that’s pointless since everyone knows Superman would beat Thor, but really that’s not the point. This isn’t that.

This is way better… but only if you’re an anime fan too.

Even if you’re not, it’s still a fun watch so I recommend you go ahead and check it out anyway. You just might not be familiar with who Supes and Thor are up against.

Well… you might know Son Goku but if you didn’t, it might be best to start watching Dragon Ball. After all, they did just start with a new series called Dragon Ball Super and Goku’s just going to get more badass than ever.

As for Luffy, you definitely have to read One Piece. It’s one of the best manga/anime series out there and it just keeps getting better.

Anyway, if you’ve ever stumbled on the YouTube channel of Cartoon Hooligans, then you know they make awesome stuff. This one for me, might be their best one yet. Click below to watch:


It’s a shame they didn’t show Gear 4 in the video. That would have been epic. (Trust me, read Once Piece.)

If you enjoyed that video, go and check the rest of the channel’s videos. They make really cool stuff.



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