Jesse Quick has been cast for The Flash Season 2!

TVLine has just reported that newcomer Violett Beane will be cast as speedster Jesse Quick, for Season 2 of The Flash.

Jesse Quick is also known to Flash Family fans as Jesse Chambers, the daughter of golden age speedster Johnny Quick who ran alongside the golden age Flash, Jay Garrick, who was also announced as an upcoming character for Season 2.

As a speedster from the Flash comics before DC’s New52 reboot, Jesse was a legacy character who inherited her father’s speed (activated via a spoken mantra) and her mother’s strength. (her mother being the superheroine Liberty Belle) Having served as a solo hero, a Titan, and a member in good standing of the Justice Society of America, it should be interesting to see how they’re going to use the character of Jesse Quick in The Flash TV series.

The Flash returns Tuesday, Oct. 6.


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