Asakusa, Tokyo brings Tempura Tendon TENYA in Manila

Ever feel tired of getting fast food on the way? Are you thinking of having fresh and something authentic? I hope you aren’t allergic to shrimp or prawn because Tempura Tendon Tenya is here to give you the perfect opportunity!

Tempura Tendon Tenya originated in Asakusa, Tokyo and is known to be one the most successful Tendon chain restaurants in Japan. Now that they’re branching out internationally, The Tenya is now available in the Philippines and I had the chance to drop by their Megamall branch.

“TENYA” is a Japanese word which means “tempura restaurant”. From the restaurant’s name itself, you were already given the idea that everything is tempura! Tempura! TEMPURAAAA! And yes, you can never escape from their tempura!
“TENYA” is a Japanese word which means “tempura restaurant”. From the restaurant’s name itself, you were already given the idea that everything is tempura! Tempura! TEMPURAAAA!

Tenya InfographicMain Article 1Tenya Infographic
What I can say about their menu is that the minimalist layout is a very nice touch. The focus is definitely on showcasing their food, the details, while the price and image of every dish alone shouldn’t cause any confusion with the costumer.


Ooh, and they also give you instructions on how to eat properly in traditional Japanese fashion!

I had their Classic Tempura Udon set: the batter they used was great and turned out crispy, and was absolutely delicious. That’s pretty much what you need to know, but let me break down the finer details of the set.

black tiger prawn, squid, kisu, small kakiage, green beans, sweet potato | Php. 385.00
black tiger prawn, squid, kisu, small kakiage, green beans, sweet potato            Php. 385.00
Actual Serving.

The black tiger prawn was lightly battered and crispy with just a hint of sweetness. The squid wasn’t too chewy and rubbery at all but I could have used a little more salt with it. The kisu (Silver Sillago Fish) was really tender and didn’t leave me with the typical fishy aftertaste. Their small kakiage (prawn and vegetable fritters) was very light with an audible crunch as I bit down. Moving on,  the sides such as green beans and sweet potato were prepared well! Nice and crispy, and even coated in batter you could still see that the veggies retained their color and texture. All in all, I was  really glad that the fried stuff wasn’t dripping in oil.

A basket with lightly battered crispy black prawn, kisu, squid, kakiage, sweet potato, and green beans.
Steamy Japanese rice!

The hot udon came in a fairly regular sized bowl, and the udon wasn’t soggy at all even after it sat on my table for almost half an hour. (I was busy contemplating what to eat okay huhu *shush*). The broth was seasoned well; not too salty and with freshly chopped spring onions to add to the fragrance and overall appetizing appeal of the dish.

Udon with grated ginger, freshly chopped spring onions
Udon with grated ginger, freshly chopped spring onions
Hot udon noodles bathing in a flavorful broth

After having all the flavorful dishes, I had their lite citrus fruity juicy pop to cleanse my pallet. The fruity pop was tangy and citrus-y with a little hint of sweetness that was really refreshing. No aftertaste of artificial flavour so it was most likely made from the actual lemon fruit. Their Fruity Juicy Pop is also available in strawberry, coconut lychee and orange vanilla for ₱75.00

Fruity Juicy Pop- Lite Citrus Flavor @ ₱75.00



The interiors of the branch have a clean, cozy environment, with good lighting layout and traffic flow. It portrays a modern style but still embraces and gives a feeling of a Japanese home’s ambiance. It has been well designed, using a light color scheme to compliment the restaurant’s branding and simplicity of the design by having soft, muted tones and wood textures. The layout is well planned, as there are no dead spaces and efficient use of the corners.

TENYA Facade/ Entrance in vertical light wood, Frosted Tenya logo decals on clear glass
If you’re solo, their bar is the right place for you! + you get to see and observe how they prepare the food






I had a good time and walked out of the restaurant smiling. The crew was really accommodating, easy to approach, and friendly. The food was worth the price and is definitely well worth the experience. Doomo arigato team TENYA Ph!


For reservations and more info, click the images below to check out their pages!





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