Uncanny X-Men # 600 Delayed Until October

Bad news for fans of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men as Marvel has announced that the final issue written by Brian Michael Bendis, being Uncanny X-Men # 600 will be pushed back to October.

Credits: Marvel Comics


But before you start sharpening your pitchforks and lighting your torches, Bendis has some answers about the hold-up…


“It is not shipping in October because I am a massive spastic f**k up,” Bendis wrote somewhat unclearly, referring to rumors it was delayed due to his lateness, with the writer intending to mean the reason the book isn’t shipping on time is not because he’s a massive spastic f**k up, a least according to Bendis.

“It was bumped until after Secret Wars for editorial and commercial reasons,” he continued. “Not my call. This was Marvel. But they have their reasons.”

Bendis claimed the title “could easily ship this month as it was supposed to.”

CREDITS: Marvel Comics

“[The delay] will not effect the story or the impact of the story. In fact it may have more impact on how things shake out after my run,” he added.

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