Usher in Valentine’s Day with Bitterness with New Amplaya Ice Cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream

No date on Valentine’s Day? How bout gathering your single friends and eat your bitterness away with the new, limited edition ice cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream.

sebastians ice cream amplaya ice cream valentines day special

Here’s the product description for this interesting ice cream.

UNRESOLVED ISSUES – Ampalaya Sorbet made with fresh Ampalaya, and garnished with candied Ampalaya. Valentine’s Day can often be hard for people who are still dealing with new heartbreak, and we wanted to create a flavor that embodied that.

This sorbet has the definite bitter flavor that is reminiscent of the lingering pain that is only amplified on a day that is meant to celebrate lovers. It’s completely normal and part of the healing process, and people who feel this way don’t need to feel bad about it or have to apologize to anyone.

The Candied Ampalaya is made by pickling the ampalaya in sugar overnight, which mellows out the bitter flavor. Because much like heartbreak, given enough time and care, the bitterness eventually falls away………….. and Life becomes sweet again.

Available at all shops this Valentine’s Day Weekend, February 13!

If you ask this author, it’s the perfect ice cream to have while sharing stories and “hugot” anecdotes.

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