Simone Legno and Tokidoki At Secret Fresh

Hello fellow geeks!

I’m Super Raiyan and it’s my first time writing for What’s A Geek. I’ve been asked a couple of times by one of the admins to guest post, and I promised him I will someday. So here I am now, finally making my WAG debut! Now that introductions are done with, let’s get on to the good stuff! Let’s talk Tokidoki!

Simone Legno was in town a few weeks ago for a quick exhibit and meet & greet at Secret Fresh. The Italian artist, who is behind the popular brand Tokidoki, was present during the opening of his exhibit, Dimensions of the Self, at Secret Fresh within The Ronac Center in San Juan City last March. Fans came to the intimate gathering to meet their idol and to see the vibrant paintings on display.

During the meet & greet, Simone signed toys and made sketches for everyone who lined up. He also gamely had his picture taken with his adoring fans.

Hung on the gallery walls were some of his paintings that featured his Tokidoki characters.

Colorful paintings of The Cactus Friends, Unicorno, The Moofia, and Donutella; characters from Till Death Do Us Part, Wild Boys, and his Tokidoki girls were all on exhibit at the gallery. There was also one of Karl Lagerfeld with his cat.

There were large busts of his girls placed around the gallery, each sporting a tattoo on her right arm. One of them had Legno’s signature and a few characters drawn in black marker.

I’ve always admired Tokidoki and it’s been a treat seeing Simone Legno’s work this way. It was an even bigger treat that I got to meet him, if but for a brief moment, and even got a free sketch during the process. That was truly a bonus.

And that’s it for this guest post. I hope you enjoyed the pics. Ciao!

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