George Barris, Batmobile Creator dies at 89

Atomic Batteries to power! Turbines to speed! Roger, ready to move out!

Thanks George for the awesome Kustom!

George Barris, the Legendary Kustom King, has died at the age of 89. The news was delivered by his son through Facebook, and reads

“Sorry to have to post that my father, legendary kustom car king George Barris, has moved to the bigger garage in the sky. He passed on peacefully in his sleep at 2:45 am. He was surrounded by his family in the comfort of his home. He lived his life they way he wanted til the end. He would want everyone celebrate the passion he had for life and for what he created for all to enjoy. Thank you all for the posts and calls, your love is deeply appreciated. Peace”.

The Kustom King was the person responsible for the design of the Batmobile used by Adam West and the rest of the Batfamily. George also designed cars and buses for many different movie sets, famous artists and even the Mafia of his time! He also designed and created models of his cars so children can have their own to play with. A major part of the collectibles craze of America was because of this man.

Arguably the most famous of his Kustoms was a tricked out 1955 Lincoln Futura. He modified the seats and added glass domes and extra exhaust pipes, painted it black and red then slapped on the logo of the Caped Crusader. The Batmobile George made was sold at auction for the price of 4.2 million US dollars but the memories and fun he brought through his customs are priceless.

As Batman would say: George, See you at the Same Bat-time! In the Bat-channel in the sky!




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