#NerdMusicMonday: Pogo

Welcome to #NerdMusicMonday, where we feature some of the greatest geek-inspired music to start your week on the right note. We also review geek-inspired music things that we see floating around the Internet, for better or worse.

This week on #NerdMusicMonday Pogo! Nick Bertke, Pogo’s real name, is an Australian electronic music producer. He has a distinct style of making music by taking samples from movies and shows and transforming them into chill electronic music akin to house. One of my favorite works of his is a Harry Potter inspired track where the Hagrid whispers into your ear and tells ya that “Yar a Wizard!”


His work vary from many different shows: he has Peter Pan, Fresh Prince and even Pokemon! But what really pushed him to fame is his work  with Disney/Pixar. Pogo was asked to create music based on Disney/Pixar’s Up! Titled Upular, he takes elements from footsteps, squeeks and voices to create the track! Check it out here! This is one of the first tracks I’ve heard from Pogo and is extremely feels, y’know?

Pogo still continues to work on his music, taking inspiration from movies and videogames. Very often being commissioned by big companies to produce music for them. The Pokemon Company even got him to remix the Pokemon Anime to get a track to feature on now defunct! Low key, getting this as my BGM when Pokemon Go comes out!

Personally, my most favorite Pogo release is one of his older ones. Actually, the oldest one on his Youtube channel. Alice is the very first time I heard from Pogo, got to listen from a friend’s pirated mp3 collection while we were chilling in a house party. Something really connected to me when I first heard this, so yeah feels trip.

Check out his Youtube channel, Twitter and buy his albums on iTunes!

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