7 Plot predictions for SPECTRE

It’s James Bond season again! The longest-running action film franchise returns this November with SPECTRE, three years after the billion-dollar grossing Skyfall. 007’s return is made even more special by the fact that the iconic terrorist organization Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (hence SPECTRE) makes its comeback after decades of legal battles over the rights.

When the teaser trailer for the film came out, I couldn’t help but notice that this sequel simply wasn’t going to be another race-against-time film where Bond has to stop the villain from activating a doomsday device. No. They’re going to make things real personal with soap opera twists and compromised spy agencies a la Winter Soldier or Rogue Nation. This is why I decided to make this article and see if I could break things down. Here are my plot predictions for SPECTRE.


1st: MI6 has been infiltrated and compromised by SPECTRE for decades. 



This is a particularly easy one to make, especially in light of the two films I mentioned above. It makes perfect sense. It would probably drive the plot and it would fit the current M.O. of the films where Bond receives little, if any, help from MI6.

2nd: James Bond and Christoph Waltz’s character are brothers.

SPECTRE family picture

I couldn’t help but consider it during this shot in the teaser, It would be a very audacious retcon. Unfortunately, Austin Powers already did that. Audiences might laugh and mock the twist rather than be awed by it. It’s tricky and Sam Mendes deserves all the praise if he can pull it off.

3rd: Christoph Waltz is NOT playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld…

Christoph Waltz SPECTRE


Even if it would be perfect casting and Waltz is rocking the Blofeld look in this screencap, I’m going risk it and say he’s a red herring as far as Blofeld is concerned. Hollywood likes to do prequel films where the hero (or the hero’s predecessor) encounters a proto-form of the hero’s iconic archnemesis nowadays anyway. I say he plays the leader of SPECTRE before Bond beats him and Blofeld takes over.

4th: …this guy is. 



As far as who plays Blofeld goes, I’ll go with internet rumors and say it’s the character named Denbigh, portrayed by Andrew Scott.

5th: Monica Belluci’s Bond girl character will die. 



Feminists and Belluci fans are going to hate this one. Despite the strides the Daniel Craig series has made in keeping the films in touch with the times, non-Olga Kurylenko Bond girls keep biting the bullet for the sake of plot. To be fair though, Craig’s bond girls are overall much better characters than previous ones.

6th: Quantum = SPECTRE


For those who may or may not remember Quantum of Solace, the film introduced Quantum to fill in the evil villain organization void left by the SPECTRE rights squabble. It was interesting but that subplot disappeared when Skyfall decided to completely ignore everything introduced in its predecessor. With Mr. White back in the cast, it’s possible that the film will link the two organizations and say they are one and the same.

 7th: Mr. White will be killed by SPECTRE for giving Bond intel.

Mr White

The teaser shows Mr. White giving Bond exposition and background on SPECTRE. As to who approached whom, I’d say 007 tracked him down for interrogation (or found where he was being held if they’re not going to ignore developments from Quantum of Solace). Since this is likely Daniel Craig’s last Bond film, it wouldn’t be a full circle if Mr. White survives again. (Funny how he’s outlived the franchise’s female characters.)


Anyway, that’s all for now. What do you think? Do you agree with my predictions or do you think I’m completely bonkers? After all, the only thing certain is that Bond will have something shaken, not stirred. I could be wrong there too!

Watch out for What’s a Geek’s official review of SPECTRE and stay tuned for more plot predictions of highly anticipated films!


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