More Concept Art for the Batwing from Batman v Superman

A couple of concept artworks for the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has once again been leaked this time the main focus is given to Batman’s Batwing which we’ve already seen in the trailers.

batman-v-superman-batwing (3)

Sure there were a couple of hi-res shots already for this amazing looking machine but we’ve never gotten the chance to see it during its “drawing board” phase when the creative team was conceptualizing a look that would fit right into the dark and gloomy atmosphere of Batman v Superman.

batman-v-superman-batwing (2)


One of the best parts about this redesigned Batwing as opposed to, The Dark Knight Rises’ ‘The Bat’, is the out-and-about weapons system. For crying out loud the Batwing’s front end holds a missile. How bad-ass is that.

Here’s another concept art for the Batwing which is less comic-y and more 3D.

batman-v-superman-batwing (1)


Let us know what you think about this new Batwing from Batman v Superman and if you’ve got more info to share, just drop us a line via the comments section of this post.

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