This Custom LEGO Darth Vader Lightsaber Will Make You Believe in The Force

We know that LEGO and Star Wars works well  together and we’ve seen a lot of amazing products through the years but we’ve never seen a lightsaber made out of LEGO – until now.

star wars LEGO custom darth vader light saber (6)

We have to thank LEGO enthusiast Nelson Wu for coming up with the design for this. As a Star Wars fan I’m definitely IMPRESSED with this custom lightsaber, that is awesomely made out of LEGO.

According to, Nelson found inspiration from one of the displays during this year’s Toycon depicting Thor’s iconic hammer, Mjolnir, made out of LEGO bricks. Unlike the other MOC (Mondays Original Creation) lightsabers that have been shared on the site and on the group, Mr. Wu’s custom LEGO Darth Vader Lightsaber comes with its own red blade, just like in the original trilogy.

star wars LEGO custom darth vader light saber (2)

star wars LEGO custom darth vader light saber (8)


The project took him three days to complete because he didn’t want to come up with a flimsy lightsaber, but rather something that can really be swung around from time to time.

I was actually taking a closer look at the photos and you can see the attention-to-detail in this MOC…

star wars LEGO custom darth vader light saber (9)


Check out the rest of this cool LEGO lightsaber in this special gallery:

We have to credit photographer Jeffrey Qulliope, Mr. Leslie Araujo and of course Mr. Nelson Wu. To learn more about this MOC, you might want to visit the PinoyLUG blog

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