New Trailer and Posters for Jurassic World Spell Danger and Awesomeness

It look likes the hype for Jurassic World is definitely hitting the sound barrier with the release of a new trailer and three new posters featuring important moments from the film.

First off, the new trailer that came out last night:

Now for the three posters. First is the “raptor pack” with leading man Chris Pratt…


next is the poster featuring Jurassic World’s female lead Bryce Dallas Howard and the terrible Indominus Rex.



And finally we got some lovin’ for the new addition to the Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World franchise – the mosasaur.

jurassic world its feeding time mosasaurus

That’s just so amazing!

Share your thoughts on both the Jurassic World posters as well as the new Jurassic World trailer.

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