REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man # 12

Reviewing for Amazing Spider-Man # 12 by Dan Slott and Guiseppi Camuncoli. It’s also part 4 of Spider-Verse.

The Amazing Spider-Man 012-000

I’m really stumped at how cool the concepts they used in this book. 4 parts out of 7 and we can really say that Slott’s really heating up with the stuff he’s infusing in this massive storyline.

Spider-Verse is ambitious, I’ll give Slott and company that but to be fair, it’s only the comic book storyline that I’ve really tried to catch every little bit. Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Woman solo books are excellent examples; the writing’s far from sub-par (which is now a common trend with tie-in books) and the art’s pretty insane.

Now, going back to ASM # 12, it’s a high concept book that’s really thick with meat character wise. I’m surprised that the book hasn’t tripped with so many characters in play. Another great thing about Spider-Verse in the main ASM book is the fact that it can shift between interpersonal play amongst the Spider-people or go all out like what this issue did.

Also this has been the strongest issue of Spider-Verse thanks to two surprise appearances. One I can totally spoil and the other I’ll be really vague about. So yeah, massive brownie points for ASM # 12 because they brought back Tokusatsu Spider-Man aka Takuya Yamashiro plus his mech Leopardon.


I didn’t see that coming but wow.  The other major spoiler for ASM # 12 was touted as something that could break the Internet but I felt that it didn’t. It was good for a shock ending but not enough to make us talk into the wee hours of the morning for. Again, if you’re asking for my opinion, the Leopardon appearance was bigger than the reveal of ….

Anyway, this issue is worth picking up if you’re closely following the story. New readers could be left scratching their heads but i guess reading a few issues back won’t be such a pain to do.

Rating: 4/5

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