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SPECTRE Has A Bond Girl: Stephanie Sigman

The newest Bond Girl has been cast, and her name is Stephanie Sigman.


The official James Bond website announced the casting:

We are pleased to announce that Stephanie Sigman has joined the cast of SPECTRE as Estrella. The Mexican actress had the lead role in the Academy Awards nominated Miss Bala (2011) and also starred in Norway’s submission for Best Film at this year’s Oscars®, Pioneer (2013). Her recent TV appearances include, The Bridge (2013) and Narcos (2015).

Sigman’s last starring role was in Miss Bala, where she plays a pageant contestant forced to do a Mexican drug cartel’s bidding. She is the first Mexican to land a Bond Girl role. This is going to be her Hollywood debut, and the fact that she’s playing a high-profile role off the bat adds a level of intrigue to what is already a highly anticipated film.

Cannot wait.

SPECTRE will be released worldwide on November 6, 2015.

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