The Little Prince

Nostalgic feels for the 2015 movie, The Little Prince.


Growing up with the book, I had such high hopes for the movie and it was far from what I expected – it was better. The visuals were stunning. The transition of the graphics from reality and dream/flashback world was lovely. It was not exactly Disney’s Pixar style of animation but the visuals were amazing, especially with what they did with The Fox. I also like that they followed the elements from the book’s original art and seamlessly incorporated it to the stop motion style of animation.

It is definitely worth watching in the cinema.

The plot was altogether different from the book, as it was a retelling of the story of the little prince. Think of it as a story about the aging author, the Aviator, sharing his story of the Little Prince to a little girl, and they form an unlikely friendship filled with hope, dreams and imagination.

No amount of time or age can prepare you for the feelings in this movie. The nostalgia of the book itself gives you a fuzzy feeling inside. The obvious contrast in the movie made the story more alive.

One of the strongest features of the film was the capacity of the visuals to take you in a dream world and suddenly teleport you to the nightmares of reality that is “growing up”. Its unexpected plot-twist lets the viewers identify with the characters on the level of growing up and forgetting what is truly essential.

Another striking thing about this movie is the soundtrack the album The Little Prince: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack which is worth checking out.

All in all, The Little Prince is a great movie with a pretty solid score; nostalgia factored in gives the movie a score of 4/5.


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