Author: Rhenn Taguiam

Tabletop Games

Eldritch Merges Cosmic Horror & D&D With Dread, Madness Mechanics

It’s an all-too familiar sight: the light of divinity answering the call of a lowly warrior whose broken sword is the only thing standing between him and the insurmountible evil that surrounded him, where the inexplicable radiance of good reminding any threat - the staple undead, zombies, and even the occasional goblin horde - that…

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ReviewsVideo Games

Cell To Singularity Review: One Click Away From Simulating The Universe

When players boot Cell To Singularity for the first time, an icosahedron or a D20 pops into the screen and reveals itself as Semblance. They are a program designed to simulate the many events happening in the universe... and will totally not ask players to roll for initiative. This disappointing Dungeons & Dragons joke aside, Semblance will then bring…

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Takeshi’s Castle Returns With Modern Take On Mayhem

Takeshi and the gang are back in action with Prime Video’s Takeshi’s Castle reboot, with palace hijinks commentated by hosts Smokey Manaloto, Eugene Domingo, and Sassa Gurl.  The Prime Video show, set to premiere on November 16, provides a Filipino twist courtesy of old and new faces that hope to bridge nostalgia and the next…

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Ten Little Mistresses: Kalog & Kabog Meet Thriller In Kabit Film Subversion

One glance at the trailer of Ten Little Mistresses and certain things become apparent: sosyal are these keridas, costumes are kabog, dialogue is kalog, and somehow their beloved drops dead during his own birthday party. Direk Jun Lana takes murder mystery out for a nakakalokang ride with Ten Little Mistresses after touchingly-funny flicks such as…

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Video Games

Want To Git Gud In FPS? Train Your Aim With These Games

With modern FPS titles such as the intense battle royales of Apex Legends, the tactical immersion in Rainbow Six Siege, and the sheer competitive atmosphere of Valorant providing casuals with no breathing room for any remorse, it’s easy to feel bummed out and left out of these fun shooting games. And with the ever-growing popularity…

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