Unfinished Business Review

The movie is peppered with the usual Hollywood comic tropes and relief. What’s really interesting about this movie is the fact that it’s got three generations of actors thrust into this very familiar story.


It’s taken from the same vein as Eurotrip only tamer in some way. Drug use, tons of nudity and very NSFW activities are littered all over the film but its all good because we’ve got some seriously amazing acting from Dave Franco.

That’s right, this reviewer thinks Dave Franco saved the film in so many ways. In fact about 80% of the laughs have something to do with Franco who plays Mike Pancake. From misunderstood sexual positions to pointing out genitals and female parts, Franco has done it here. Oh but that’s just half of it, the other is that he works his pretty boy good looks and adds it to his actual role as this “differently abled” junior manager.

It might strike you that I didn’t enjoy the film but I have to tell you I enjoyed it. Maybe starting with the second act; when things explode and when everything goes down to sheer chaos and hilarity. Well, most of the times anyway.

It would’ve been better if we even understood what some of the business terms they were using to and discussing.  Almost made me remember how much I hate math and number crunching and bullies, which is another topic/ theme that gets “somewhat” addressed. It’s not addressed the proper way mind you. Vaughn just spewed a couple of things about tolerance which, really sends the wrong message to viewers.

Unfinished Business would have been great, the 2015 Eurotrip but flounders thanks to a misfired message, some unfunny things and dry moments and finale that just didn’t warrant being called a finale.

Rating: 6/10

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