Will Sony Pictures’ New Boss Tom Rothman Pose a Threat to MCU Spidey?

Amy Pascal has stepped down as the boss of Sony Pictures and has been replaced by Tom Rothman who many believe might pose a threat to Spider-Man’s appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


What makes this question a seriously scary one; is the fact that there’s a rumor/ unconfirmed stories that Rothman’s pretty much a boogeyman when it comes to developing comic book movies. The new Sony Pictures president was formerly the man running the show over at 20th Century Fox, which resulted in Bryan Singer’s “creative difference” for X3, the hiring of Brett Ratner for X3…

x-3 xmen the last stand

Rothman also gained notoriety amongst our nerd brothers and sisters for micromanaging the craptacular X-Men Origins: Wolverine wherein he even at one point ordered repainting an entire set without consulting the film’s director Gavin Hood. He’s also known for refusing the appearance of Sentinels in the X-Men movies.

Rob Liefeld himself admits to disliking the guy; even went on Twitter to blow off some steam:


Apparently Rothman himself blocked the movement of the Deadpool movie… yikes…

Oh and one more interesting bit of trivia, Rothman was allegedly responsible for driving that deep wedge between Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

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