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Breath of Fire 6 Ryu design appears online

Capcom has updated the Breath of Fire 6 website with this iteration’s version of the iconic lead character, Ryu.

Here’s the Ryu design for the upcoming game:

Breath of Fire 6 Ryu

Here’s the version of Nina for the upcoming game as well:

Breath of Fire 6 Nina

The designs are a stark contrast to the previous Breath of Fire entries, with the game opting to go with a more mainstream approach in relation to the art direction. Personally, I think the new Ryu won’t look out of place in certain mainstream shonen manga locales like the one used in Magi or Fairy Tail.

For comparison, here is a picture of all past Breath of Fire Ryus (left to right, entries 1-5)

Previous Breath of Fire Ryus

Breath of Fire 6 is scheduled to be released sometime this 2015 for mobile platforms. You can view their promotional video below:

Images courtesy of Capcom

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