It’s Official: Green Arrow will be a part of WWE Summer Slam

After 2 month’s worth of Twitter back and forths (with some additional hissing), Stephen Amell will finally gets his hands on WWE’s Stardust as the Green Arrow will be a part of WWE Summer Slam this coming August 22nd.

The Stardust-Amell feud started back at the Memorial Day Raw where Stardust lost to The Man that Gravity Forgot, Neville. Since then, the Dark Matter Prince keeps calling out Amell’s CW show counterpart Oliver Queen, daring him to show up to the show. Things got really interesting this past Monday Night Raw episode where Stardust attacked Neville after the latter’s victory over King Barrett and taunted Amell, who was present at ringside. After being on the receiving end of a Stardust shove, Amell jumped the baricade and leapt through the ropes to spear the dust off of Stardust, prompting security to hold off the Hollywood security.

Later in the night, WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H confronted Amell over his actions and did not initially allow the match to happen (even with Neville’s insistence), but with Amell agreeing to sign waivers and stuff, Triple H ultimately makes the match official for Summer Slam.

In an interesting meta twist, Red Arrow is the name of Ollie’s sidekick in the comics. Red Arrow is also the name of Neville’s finisher.

WWE Summer Slam will be on August 22nd, and will be aired live on the WWE Network and on Fox on local TV (Monday).

Disclaimer: Stardust is NOT Cody Rhodes, despite what everybody says.

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