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When you think about summer, you normally think about the beach, going swimming, and probably going on road trips. But on March 19th, Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be bringing the hottest thing this summer: PWR LIVE MAINIT! Featuring the most-elite pro-wrestling talent you’ll see in the entire country today.

Here are all the matches you can look forward to:

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: John Sebastian (c) v. Main Maxx

Current PWR Champion John Sebastian has lately been on a winning streak, successfully defending his title and outlasting both former PWR Champion Jake De Leon and title contender The Apocalypse in unforgettable no holds barred matches. But the self-professed “Wrestling Lord and Savior” is about to face his biggest — and we quite literally mean biggest — challenge ever in Live Mainit: Main Maxx, who’s held the PHX Championship for a record 261 days!

Sebastian will not only be facing Maxx’s gargantuan stature, but his even bigger experience as former champion. And with those in the Ultimate Hybrid’s arsenal, the Wrestling Lord and Savior might need some sort of divine providence just to hold on to his most-prized PWR Championship. To read more about their shared history, read here!

PWR Live Mainit is the first time PWR Champion John Sebastian will face former stablemate and the previous PHX Champion, Main Maxx. Both men are familiar with each other, having spent much time with the now defunct Royal Flush. John Sebastian hasn’t fought anyone quite like Main Maxx, who’s as strong as he looks, and much faster and agile than anyone thinks. Main Maxx is no stranger to fighting comrades, having lost his PHX to another former Royal Flush member, Peter Versoza. The Ultimate Hybrid loss only opens a new path of opportunity at a shot at gold. However, John Sebastian himself is a malevolent wresting lord and isn’t quite in a sharing mood. This ace has many tricks up his sleeves which could be the key to keeping the gold on the only waist that deserves it – John Sebastian’s.


PHX CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Peter Versoza (c) v. The Apocalypse

Peter Versoza has proven time and time again that he is the man to beat and a man never to be trusted. His long history of burning bridges and screwing over past friendships, all in a bid to reach the top of the PWR roster, just goes to show that Versoza isn’t here to just mess around. Because Versoza is a man of business, a man of greed. Versoza is the man who can back it up in the ring. Versoza is THE MAN right now in PWR. But is being THE MAN enough to face THE MONSTER that is THE APOCALYPSE at PWR Live Mainit?

Unlike Versoza, who is driven by power, The Apocalypse is solely driven by hate. He (or it) finds pleasure, not in worldly things such as brass rings and title belts. No, The Apocalypse finds pleasure in hurting puny mortals, in inflicting pain, in imposing anguish. And no, Versoza hasn’t faced anyone quite like The Apocalypse.

PHX Champion Peter Versoza shows no qualms on showing the Revo-nation and the PWR locker room who’s The Man. He has few friends and many enemies and he backs up his loudmouth with in-ring ability. However, it will take more than bravado and skill to overcome the force of nature that is The Apocalypse. The Apocalypse revels in pain and torment; championship gold is merely an alluring bonus. There is no beating The Apocalypse. There is only surviving it. However, Peter Versoza’s salvation may lie in a phantom from The Apocalypse’s destructive past. . . .



We hear you, Revo-nation! The long-awaited Tag Team Championship has arrived in Philippine Wrestling Revolution. And at PWR LIVE Mainit, we will be kicking off a Tag Team Championship Tournament to crown PWR’s first ever Tag Team Champions. The stipulations of the tournament have yet to be announced by PWR General Manager Mr. Sy, and all we know right now are the tag teams who will be competing.

With the recently-announced injury of Rederick Mahaba, it looks like MTNH (with Ralph Imabayashi) has been written off the tourney’s card, leaving us with the following competing teams:

FIGHTERS 4 HIRE: Miguel Rosales + Joey Bax

THE NETWORK: James “IDOL” Martinez + Alexander Belmonte III

THE YOLO TWINS: Yohann Ollores + Logan Ollores

PUNK DOLLS: Robynn + Martivo

DEADLY SINNS: Mike Madrigal + Vlad Sinnsyk

DELIRIUM: Dan Ericson + Dax Xaviera

This is history in the making, Revo-nation! You wouldn’t wanna miss being part of it!

After more than two exciting years, PWR is going to launch a bonafide tag team division! The Tag Team Championship Tournament pits the new blood of PWR against the established old guard. Young teams like Delirium and the colorfully unique Punk Dolls seek to make their mark on the local industry. The YOLO Twins have long bragged about being the best in the business and now it’s time for them to back up their claims. The Deadly Sinns seems to be content with just dishing out beatings, especially on frequent targets, the Fighters 4 Hire (F4H). However, the hard-hitting F4H has more experience combined than anyone else in the tournament, making them easy favorites. James “IDOL” Martinez teams up with Alexander Belmonte III, after suspending Chino Guinto for insubordination. Can AB3 live up to the expectations of the Chief of the Network? The possibilities are endless, and more details about the tournament can’t come soon enough!



Due to an injury that put his partner out of action and his Tag Team Championship hopes on the shelf, Ralph Imabayashi will now be given the chance to become the #1 Contender to the PHX Championship! But, he will have to earn it as he goes up against the equally title-hungry Pinoy Tecnico that is SANDATA at PWR Live Mainit.

This will be the first time we’ll be seeing these two fighters in the same ring pitted against each other in a singles match. SANDATA started out his career in the tag team circuit before flying solo, while Ralph Imabayashi took on the path of a singles competitor quite early, and went on to become the youngest PWR Champion in history. Which of these two will take the next step in their career and become the new #1 Contender to the PHX Championship?

Wrestling fans will be treated to an awesome clash of styles in this PHX #1 Contender’s Match. SANDATA’s luchador-inspired Pabasag moveset will collide with Ralph Imabayashi’s Japanese puroresu background. This match will be crucial for the future of both PWR stars. Both athletes are coming off recent defeats. Both fell short at a shot for redemption during the Path of Gold Tournament. SANDATA has been moving forward with a stride despite these setbacks. Imabayashi seems to be developing an attitude, especially during the Final Four of the Path of Gold Tournament. Who will reign supreme and meet the future PHX Champion?


SINGLES MATCH: Chris Panzer v. Jake De Leon

What a year it has been so far for these two men! Chris Panzer, who’s been called a choke artist all his career, has finally gotten to winning form, and proved his doubters wrong, by clinching the coveted Path of Gold trophy. Jake De Leon, the former 2-time PWR Champion, on the other hand, can’t seem to get a break with his current losing streak since relinquishing his PWR Title to John Sebastian. Read more about Chris Panzer’s career here.

Jake De Leon recently called out Chris Panzer on social media, challenging him to a match at PWR LIVE: Mainit. The former champion threw jabs at Panzer, calling him a choke artist undeserving of the Path of Gold opportunity. Panzer quickly responds to De Leon’s accusations, and without batting an eye accepts The Senyorito’s challenge to a match at PWR LIVE Mainit. Which of these two heated competitors will come out the victor?

Nothing fuels conflict quite like a battle of egos. This quarrel won’t be settled over social media, it will be settled in the squared circle! The Leader of the Panzer Army finally hit new stratospheric heights after the Path of Gold. Has the Senyorito turned green with envy? Or perhaps, JDL is pulling an act from shounen anime, fighting Chris Panzer to make him even stronger?  Either way, this match will be one hell of a slobberknocker between some of the best that PWR has to offer.



Crystal will also be seeing action on March 19th as she holds a PWR Bootcamp challenge, open to any bootcamper brave enough to step foot in the ring with her.

The pioneering face of women’s wrestling in PWR isn’t content to rest on her laurels. Crystal has performed admirably during her career, even catching the eye of talent scouts abroad. She is determined to pay it forward to wrestling hopefuls enrolled in the PWR Bootcamp program. With the Revo-nation firmly behind her, Crystal is ready to give anyone who underestimates her a swift Shining Crystal to the head and a Solemate to the face at PWR Live Mainit!

Former NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion, “BEAUTIFUL” Billy Suede will also be seeing action at PWR LIVE: Mainit. Last month, Suede faced off with the enigmatic Blackzilla in a special feature match to open the PWR Path of Gold show.

All those great matches and more await on March 19th, 2PM, at the UNILAB Bayanihan Center. It’s going to get hot, and we can’t stress that enough!

PWR LIVE MAINIT tickets are now available at Kramer: Toy Warden, The Appraisery, Wingman at TheCollective, and Pauline’s Printing. And online by sending us a direct message on Facebook or e-mailing us at pwr.tickets@gmail.com!

Earlybird Tickets (until March 18th) – P350 each
Regular Tickets (March 19th, at the venue) – P400 each
Barkada Bundle – P999 for 3 tickets

For more Philippine Wrestling Revolution, follow Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR on Facebook and @pwrofficial on Twitter and Instagram, or log-on to pwrcentral.com.


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