X-Men Comics Goes Retro with Cover Box Art

The upcoming ResurrXion X-Men comic line-up hits our comics store this April 2017 and with it: The Cover Box Art!


Cover Box Art (c) Marvel Comics

The cover box art was last seen in the early 2000’s, now with new X-Men titles coming up, Marvel Comics decided to give a retro-feel by adding them back on the top corner of each X-Titles.

This time instead of the usual classic box-shape, Artist Leonard Kirk and colorist Michael Garland went for an upgrade and made the art part of the X-title logo.

This was announced exclusively through CBR.

It’s a nice addition to see cover box art again. The art gives a nostalgic feeling to old fans and also something new to see for new fans. It also gives a X-Men fans a sort-of relief to know that the recent rumors of Marvel Comics letting go of the X-Men is just a rumor.

YEY! Comics!


ResurrXion starts this April 2017! Upcoming X-titles are X-Men: Blue, X-Men: Gold, Cable, Jean Grey, Iceman, Weapon X, Generation X. And in July 2017, Astonishing X-Men.

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