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Get Ready for Conclave!

What do you call it when a large group of people gather in one place and start rolling dice and killing dragons and looting dungeons and stuff? We’re not sure, but Conclave is totally that kind of gathering! This event aims to gather all Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts and play an epic adventure that will span across many tables!

But wait, what exactly is Dungeons & Dragons?

My friend, you’ve come to the right place. Dungeons & Dragons, often shortened to D&D, is a pen-and-paper tabletop role playing game (RPG) that was created many decades ago by Gary Gygax. A Dungeon Master (DM) sets the mood and setting of the game, while player characters finish quests, rescue damsels in distress, fight monsters, and claim the rewards. If you’ve only heard of it now, it’s probably because of the many religious groups back in the 80s that claimed D&D was the portal to satanism and hell. No, it’s not.

Of course there'll be epic battles like this in D&D!
Of course there’ll be epic battles like this in D&D!

You’ve probably also heard of D&D through Vin Diesel, who is one of the biggest D&D nerds out there (he even has a movie based on his D&D character!), or through Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role, a podcast run by Matt Mercer and fellow voice actors. It’s a really, really great series by the way. With geek culture becoming more accessible as the days go by, it really doesn’t take a an eloquent genius to explain why D&D and tabletop RPGs are getting the attention they deserve.

And then there’s Adventurers League (AL). AL is D&D’s organized play format using 5th edition rules and adventures set in the Forgotten Realms. That means that an AL character can be played through a series of campaigns and adventures across the world, for so long as the game is hosted by an ALDM, the character is created under AL rules, and the player has a DCI number. Yes, you need a DCI number to play, and if you already have one from Magic: the Gathering, then you’re all set; getting one is easy though!

So what exactly is Conclave?

Conclave Poster
Conclave is the Philippines’ first official Dungeons & Dragons convention, organized by the local Adventurers League. This event promises to be the biggest gathering of local D&D enthusiasts under one roof as they take on fantastic adventures in the day-long event of fantasy gaming. Those who would like to participate in the games must register via the Conclave website, and pick which tier or adventure they want to participate in. All Conclave games are Adventurers League-legal, so those participating in other AL games are welcome to join. First-time D&D players are encouraged to join as well!

Conclave will be running concurrent D&D adventures from 9AM until 11pm. Adventures are from D&D AL Season 2: Elemental Evil, Season 3: Tyrrany of Dragons, and Season 4: Curse of Strahd. Those who successfully managed to leave Barovia can also take part in the highlight of the convention: Season 4’s epic adventure, the Reclamation of Phlan.

But Conclave is more than just running D&D games. “I’m hoping to see lots of people participate and that every single one of them will develop a love for D&D and the hobby, make new friends and have fun,” said Chester Chua, one of the organizers of Conclave. Adventurers League Local Coordinator Henriech Libay even hinted at something greater coming our way, “With the success of Conclave we can expect exclusive content, materials and new ways of enjoying the event in the future.”

If you ask me, it’s about damned time we’ve had a D&D convention! For more information about Conclave, visit their website at!

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