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Awesome Cartoons This 2015 – Star vs The Forces of Evil!


If you’re looking for magic, adventure, kick-ass but adorable character design, and great animation, then I’m here to sit you down and ask, “Why aren’t you watching Star vs The Forces of Evil?!” If you already are, and you’re just anxiously waiting for the next episode to come out every week like I am, then I apologize for the exclamation points and question marks. Because really, if you’re not watching Star vs The Forces of Evil, you should be!

I know, I know. The title is a mouthful. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out this new show on Disney XD, created by Daron Nefcy.

The show is about 14-year old Star Butterfly (yep, that’s her name) who gets sent to Earth to practice her rather adorable and very destructive powers. While on Earth, she meets a lot of interesting characters. The most notable one would be Marco Diaz, aka The Safe Kid, known for “wearing-a-helmet to the gym locker room that one time.”

Together, Star and Marco make that popular “opposites attract” TV character trope, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet! Just because the two characters are opposing in nature does not automatically make the pair romantic. Wall-e and Eve, Eugene and Rapunzel, Mulan and Shang. We get it, we get it. But don’t forget: Dipper and Mabel, Soul and Maka!

Then again, it’s too early to be calling ships at this stage since Star vs. The Forces of Evil is still on episode 11 for its first season. The first episode was shown on January 18, 2015 on Disney Channel as a special preview, but the series officially premiered on March 30, 2015 on Disney XD. According to,the première of Star vs The Forces of Evil became the most-watched animated series debut in Disney XD’s history!

Daron Nefcy, the creator of the show, originally said that Star was supposed to be a girl who wanted to be like Sailor Moon, and Marco was to be someone obsessed with Dragon Ball Z (If that background isn’t enough to get you to watch this show, then I don’t know what). Changes were added to her original concept throughout the course of six years, and here we are now, eagerly waiting for a new episode to be released every second Monday of the month. With Star vs The Forces of Evil, Daron Nefcy became the first woman to create a Disney XD series. Talk about awesome! And if her name doesn’t already sound familiar to you, she also worked storyboards for Wander Over Yonder and Robot and Monster– two colorful and fun series that have contrasting characters that complement each other well.

It maybe  because I love the character designs, it may be because I love the humor, or it may be because I’m always a sucker for magical wands. Whatever it is, Star vs The Forces of Evil is something everyone will enjoy: From dorks like me to dorks like you. As a 90’s kid, it gives me serious nostalgia for a certain lovable teenage robot I once knew called XJ-9. It’s a fun show with great characters, elegantly designed by people who saw DBZ and Sailor Moon! (What more could you want?)

I, personally, am glad to see that the nerds of the past, like myself, have gone on to create new shows for the future little nerds of today. or maybe just regular-sized nerds. I’m looking forward to seeing how Star vs The Forces of Evil (or svtfoe, as the internet calls it) is going to progress as a series, and the new worlds and characters it’s going to create! When I started the first episode, I knew I was in for a ride. You can see that the internet already loves svtfoe based on the amount of fan art and cosplayers it has, even though the first season hasn’t even finished airing yet! I’ve been seeing a lot of love for this show, and it’s because this show deserves a lot of love.

So if you like good cartoons, pretty colors, and parties at the Bounce Lounge, go check out Star vs The Forces of Evil because things are about to get a little weird, and a little wild.


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