Asia’s Got Talent Premieres On AXN

AXN is proud to present  Asia’s Got Talent, which is set to bring some of the most talented individuals (or groups) from fifteen territories across Asia. Starting tonight, we’ll get to watch thousands of hopefuls compete to earn a spot among the final fifteen.

Key Art for AGT_150121For those unfamiliar with the franchise’s format, it takes three “Yes”-es from celebrity judges for a contestant to move on to the next round. For this iteration, the four-person panel is made up of musician David Foster; singer (and Spice Girl) Melanie C.; Indonesian rock icon Anggun; and Taiwanese-American pop idol and actor Vanness Wu. Your hosts are Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, the charismatic twosome that won The Amazing Race: Asia, and hosts of AXN’s The Duke.

with copyright-Asia's Got Talent Judges L-R Melanie C, Van Ness Wu, Anggun, David Foste...

You can catch Asia’s Got Talent when it premieres tonight at at 8:05pm with subsequent episodes airing on Thursdays at 8:30pm. To celebrate the premier, AXN showed off some of Asia’s talent at the Ayala Triangle Park. You can catch the video over on our Facebook page – it was awesome.

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