‘Halo Halo House’ – A Mix of Japan and the Philippines Airs on PTV 4

Halo Halo House – Jose’s Nippon Diary is a brand-new Japanese drama produced by Nippon TV, telling the story of Jose (Paul Alvin Magsalin), a Filipino fresh graduate who goes to Japan to find his Japanese childhood friend, Erika.

Jose journeys to Japan with a few precious clues: Erika’s name and her home province, Aichi prefecture. He also has the handkerchief that bound their destinies together.

Jose touches down in Japan!

Sadly, Japan isn’t the most affordable of places. Jose soon runs low on funds. However, fortune smiles on Jose. A chance encounter lands him a room at a shared house in Ichinomiya City. The cleverly named Halo Halo House is a shared house run by kindly old lady, “Tita”Haru.

Halo Halo House
Jose and the residents of the Halo Halo House

The rest of the residents are an eclectic set of set of characters. Just like Halo Halo, Jose’s presence  guarantees an amusing mashup of Japanese and Filipino cultures. Although Jose is a stranger, it doesn’t stop him from spicing up their normal routines. He’s more than willing to help out with their problems.

Halo Halo House
Best Friends Jose and Hideto (Akihisa Shiono aka Souji aka Kyoryu Green)

Will Jose ever find Erika? What kind of hijinks will happen under the Halo Halo’s roof? I’m definitely looking forward to find out in this unique, heartwarming and “halorious” show. My expectations are high for this one.

Halo Halo House
Is this the mysterious Erika?

Additionally,  the end of every episode will feature Sayaka Akimoto, the Philippines’ tourism goodwill ambassador and former AKB48 idol. She acts as narrator and guide for what transpired in the drama. She will introduce in more depth the different Japanese cultures, customs, and food that appeared on the show. This educational segment helps pique interest in the wonders of Japan outside Tokyo.

Sayaka Akimoto
Sayaka Akimoto – Half-Japanese, Half Filipina, 100% Cute

Catch Halo Halo House every week at PTV (Channel 4) every Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 17:30 starting January 16 to February 7. Episode 1 will air on January 16th and Episode 2 will air on January 17th.

Author’s Note: As fan of pop culture, I’ve been content at enjoying media passively.  Last year, I was asked to speak with some Japanese television executives from Nippon Television Network. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to step through looking glass. Sadly, My time in Wonderland was understandably extremely brief. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see the Halo Halo House project come to fruition. I also attended the Press Event of the show.

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