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Rick and Morty Season Two First Episode, A Review

This review will be filled with *burp* s-s-spoilers, so get on your space machine if you don’t want to read them!
And awaaaaay we go!

Alright, so the Rick and Morty Season Two First Episode is such a crazy mix of science fiction (time travel, alternate realities and space-faring aliens) and the mundane (ice cream, surgery and deer) that any normal, sane person wouldn’t understand — but we’re not normal and sane, are we? I mean, we watch Rick and Morty!

This is totally a normal scene from Rick and Morty. Totally.

“Rickle in Time” starts right after where we ended with last season with Rick, Morty and Summer freezing time to clean up after the super awesome house party. A little bit of meta-humor, the shows picks up six months after last season so the gang stays frozen in time for six months too! Here is where they come into trouble: half a year is a really long time to be frozen in time. Rick, Morty and Summer are now vulnerable to time disruption and could splinter whenever they are uncertain of their actions. This fact is exacerbated by Morty and Summer’s bickering and their innate teen- aged problems and they split the timeline into two.

This scene gives us the best banter I have heard in a cartoon! Summer: You vindictive little turd! Morty: You-you uh female asshole!

Now, you can only imagine the shenanigans that follows. Rick figures out everything and almost gets things fixed which would end our episode early — but this is Rick and Morty and nothing ever goes according to plan! The bickering between the siblings and Rick’s haughty lectures and paranoia create even more splinters in the timeline, all the way up to 64 or something, time travel is hard to count. Their uncertainty shifts them to a fourth dimension where the world is full of Schrödinger and not-Schrödinger Cats.



In hypothetical space, there will be no one to hear you scream. Hypothetically.

Rick sums up their situation perfectly: “We’re exactly like a man capable  of sustaining a platonic friendship with an attractive female co-worker — we’re entirely hypothetical” hugot 4r4y q0h beh  We get treated with more alternate timeline, fourth dimension weirdness in the form of Testicle Head (that is literally his name, I cannot make this up even if I tried). This guy is an extra-dimensional being that patrols the shattered timelines to do as he wants, he is a floating testicle head thing after all. So, Testicle Head comes and helps the three by giving them necklaces to bring the timelines together. But then Rick, being the deviant of society that he is, attacks Testicle Head by going into so many other timelines, it’s hard to count. In the fight though, Rick shows just how much he loves and needs  tolerates Morty by showing an inspiring act of sacrifice and bravery which gets forgotten and brushed aside when they get back to a single timeline.

Time travel is *burp* confusing

Man, this first episode is chock-full of craziness that we have come to love from Rick and Morty. It also brings more character development and lore-building than most from season one. This is definitely something What’s A Geek will be catching weekly!

Watch more of Rick and Morty Mondays on [adult swim]!

PS : Beth and Jerry’s B-Side story is something no one should ever miss! It’s like a telenovela and hospital drama all rolled into one! Check out these stills!





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