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Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 1 Review

It’s time to be brave….. well not really. The only thing I’m going to be brave is thrashing this Power Rangers Dino Charge.


I seriously tried to watch it without bias but its really a paltry imitation of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. I’m sorry but its the truth. Still it does float on some aspects.

– They completely changed the backstory for the US adaptation switching out Deboss Chaos and turning them into a spirited group of alien bounty hunters trying to obtain the “Energems” from “Keeper”, who really looks like a cross between the sage toads from Naruto and master Yoda.

– Dinosaurs have been imbued with the power of the gem rather than, ummm, I’m really not sure how the dinos from the Japanese version ended up as mechas. Either way this is a strong point because at least we get a backstory rather than just thrusting us into the thick of things which was done in Kyoryuger episode 1.

– The CGI used for the dinosaurs “felt” like they were either copied or were taken from Jurassic Park (the first one with practical effects) and I abhor the look for Keeper or whatever the hell his name is.


The suit was an eyesore.

– I approve of the casting and how parts were written. Spiritual descendants of Kyoryuger and all that. Also original character beats have been added here like oh-so-pinoy Tyler Navarro looking for his missing dad who may or may not be a paleontologist. It’s too early to predict if the others will borrow some elements but at least I’m a happy Toku fan with that.

– Since they pretty much threw away what was good about the source material (they-who-shall-not-be-named-anymore) and just picked all the good designs we’re seeing one of the Extinctioners already in a fight, something that could have been used as a two-parter.


– Is it just me or are the costumes ill fitting?

– The retooling for Candelira hurt me and the visible absence of Luckiero who was comedy relief really made me weep blood.

– The new boss for the series also looks down right pathetic. It’s not as cool or intimidating as the past “big boss” types and he’s been given a lame name too, SLUDGE

power rangers dino charge sludge

I was about to doze off when I heard this guy’s name and I was like “whuuuuutt??”

– Lastly, profanities were hurled at the animation for Gabutyra Red Tyranno Zord…


That’s just lousy and sloppy animation. I was hoping that they would be pouring their heart out for that scene but I got the biggest disappointment for Episode 1.

Verdict: Sorry fans, I frown on this. I would be saying flipping tables but there were some endearing qualities. But frown and “disappointed” is the better term to use especially since it’s Episode 1.

They don’t get a Vamola Mucho from me though.



2 thoughts on “Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 1 Review

  • Rider Samurai

    No offense but crappy review. Just bashing because it’s not like Kyoryuger.


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