Check These Hidden Gems In Komiket Feb 2019!

Summer Komiket is back this year for another round of creativity, uniqueness, quirkiness, and talent! For this year’s Komiket Feb 2019, there’s more prints, more stickers, and – whoops, there goes your wallet if you’re not careful because there’s no shortage of amazing stuff to support.

Summer Komiket is back this year for another round of creativity, uniqueness, quirkiness, and talent! For this year’s Komiket Feb 2019, there’s more prints, more stickers, and – whoops, there goes your wallet if you’re not careful because there’s no shortage of amazing stuff to support.

Every year I head to Komiket for a couple of commissions. I bring photos of loved ones and get small personalized portraits as gifts. Along the way, I make sure to pick up works of artists I like.

Pics with thanks to elisysm!

Komiket Feb 2019: Here Are Some Hidden Gems

I had a great time browsing this year, with a lot more artists featuring more of their work than ever. It’s a good scene when you see the community thriving and their creations crowding the booths. What’s A Geek!s asked me to feature some here, so let’s dive into it!

Tickets at the door are P100 each, with great art to get you started on your browsing. Carlo Vergara of Zsa Zsa Zaturnah fame designed the ticket/print for the lucky Komiket goers.

Sticker Pack No. 7 (Eeeveelution Bunns) by Crizeel Ong

I got Sticker Pack No. 7 (Eeeveelution Bunns). Anyone familiar with the corgi butt stickers going around will find this familiar with a delightful gotta-catch-em-all twist.

Look at these adorable stickers! Get these from
Crizeel Ong | Facebook, Instagram

It satisfies my need for the Eeveelutions to always be complete and in one place – that is, until Nintendo releases a new one. She’s also got other work with adorable Chinese Zodiac animals on sale and can be found on at her store. Year of the Horse dancing with fans, anyone?

Pinoy Dessert Stickers by Lara Rojo

I LOVE THESE. If I could buy her entire sticker collection outside Komiket Feb 2019, I would. These desserts have a certain whimsy and nostalgia that drew my attention. I mean, look at how much joy that cup of taho radiates and sheer happiness that iskrambol has pasted on its face.

I was more than too willing to snatch these up and the set already has found a home on my laptop and clipboard. The artist also features Pinoy Kakainin, Street Food, and more!

Did you get hungry? I’m eating taho right now…
Lara Rojo | Facebook, Instagram

Her stickers are waterproof and matte. The quality of her prints, stickers, and general fun-vibe are worth more than what she sells them for and hopefully you guys buy from her in the future.

Mental Disorders and Rare Diseases from A to Z by Wynona A. Racho

For those familiar with The Gashlycrumb Tinies: A Very Gorey Alphabet Book by Edward Gorey, this booklet is a fair dive into the macabre genre. Done as a class project at university, Wynona Racho does a good job at simplifying diseases into letter-shaped gymnastics.

The book’s already got such an enticing cover. Get this from
Wynona Racho | Facebook, Instagram

James has Jaubert Syndrome, she says, and we see a boy legs up in an effort to resemble the letter J. It’s nice to see artists and writers explore a lot of sociocultural issues in their pieces in events like Komiket Feb 2019.

The book presents these medical concerns in quite an educational way that is easy to digest.
Wynona Racho | Facebook, Instagram

For the life of me, we didn’t cover this in my medical education but the disorders she’s put in there is worth a peek and a Wikipedia binge for the curious.

UGH Vol 1 by Hulyen

First published in 2017, UGH Vol 1 has been popping on my feed as webcomics and snippets for a good while now. Humor largely drawn from situations millennials have been thrown into, the book finds its audience in the relatable mundane lives we live to the frankly ridiculous crap we’re forced to put up with.

And if you’re a Catholic School girl, this book’s a treat. And it still works the same if you were in a co-ed. It just works. It’s something you’d find in a place like Komiket Feb 2019, and it never fails to entertain even after a few rereads.

The art style immediately grabs the attention. It’s also worth the read! Get this from
Hulyen | Facebook

You get a free sticker too when you buy from the Haliya booth. I got to pick the one where I imagined mean people being sat on, because why not?

Untitled – Written by Maxine de Jesus, Art by Carmela Crespo

An inconspicuous little book, this one. The cover has no words or title, just a tree with pink flowers on a white background. Walk along the stalls long enough, and perhaps you’ll find this little gem.

It goes to show how sometimes you can stumble upon amazing things in a couple dozen stalls in Komiket Feb 2019.

The book has simple presentation, but its approach to aesthetics can grab any reader’s attention.
Words that accompany the artwork also complement each other. It makes for quite the solemn and private reading experience.

The art is simple, but beautiful in its own way. Comes with words that can give feels and perfect as a gift for friends going through something.

Mental Health Stickers by

Mental health awareness doesn’t always come in the forms of infographics, long explanations, or big actions to push people into getting better. Everyone has their own struggles, and sometimes the small things can be more than enough to keep things in the frame.

Hello Mirai does an excellent job at this, and comes to no surprise as she has an MA in Clinical Psychology. Keep up the good work! (Hello Mirai, Facebook, Instagram)

These sticker sets are adorable!

The shiba inu doing a paw stand is by dollicandy and chiguma_ are also in the image. They featured gorgeously painted watercolor art and fluid characters by both artists at their booth. Head on to their pages for more of their art, this tiny, happy doge is barely a sneak peek at how intricate their work can be.

Birthday Boobs and Bits (of Coffee) had me at the greeting printed on the card. No pair of breasts are alike in size, shape, colour, and bounce. I’m sure this’ll get a giggle out of whoever gets this for their birthday. The same artist did a sticker set homage to the fast food chain with the golden arches, but the place really isn’t my thing. Their coffee during quick breakfast runs though, is divine, and I was ecstatic to see a sticker dedicated my favourite Vanilla Iced Coffee.

A/N: I have to apologize for this, because I forgot to get the contact for the artist! If this is you or know who did the boob card and the tiny coffee sticker, send us a DM and we’ll edit this part ASAP!

Always An Event To Delight

Going to Komiket – whichever month it is – remains a blast. And starting the Komiket series this February is definitely worth anyone’s time. If you fancy exploring local art and komiks, Komiket should always be included in your list. And if you’re interested in any of the pieces we’ve featured, be sure to contact the artists to get yours!

Lastly, if you know any artist who’d want their art to be featured in the page, feel free to reach us!

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