Project Castor and more betrayal? ‘Orphan Black’ hints at Season 3 twists in first trailer

Betrayal and (more) clone-murder seem to be the themes of cult sci-fi TV series Orphan Black‘s third season. BBC America has dropped the first trailer, which hints at what’s in store for Sarah Manning and her crew of clones – all played by the stunningly talented Tatiana Maslany.

As we all remember, Season 2 wrapped up with a gamechanging reveal: the existence Project Castor, the sister (brother?) clone experiment of Project Leda. The new season invariably picks up from that plot twist, which left more questions than answers. Where are all the other male clones? How far beyond the DYAD Institute does this clone project go? What else are Jesse and Mrs. S hiding?

The Clone Club should definitely expect a lot of twists and turns. The third season of Orphan Black premieres on April 18th.

Gia Densing

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