Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien Rumored to be the New Spider-Man

Now here’s an idea we can all get behind, Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien playing the role of Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man.

dylan obrien

Rumor has it that Sony Pictures has already made a decision, going for O’Brien (who we’ve seen in films like The Internship, Maze Runner and on TV’s Teen Wolf). The other contender for the role is Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson).

If you’re unsure if he can do dorky and nerdy just watch The Internship to see the point.

dylan obrien in THE INTERNSHIP

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man will be called Spectacular Spider-Man wil Drew Goddard working on the screenplay. Rumor also has it that Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., will be appearing in the film.

Great news, there’s no origin story involved in this film because we don’t need another reintroduction to the character.

Again, take with a grain of salt at this point in time. And let’s not forget that Tom Rothman is lurking somewhere which is not so good.

2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien Rumored to be the New Spider-Man

  • Please! Please!! Please!!! Get Dylan O’Brien!

    He is absolutely perfect for the role.

    He’s been carrying Teen Wolf on his back all this time and his turn in Maze Runner was great!

    I think he will do the role of Spidey much justice!

  • Antonio Gayle

    yes please I would love to see Dylan as ma favorite super hero
    and I am telling you from reviews and journalism that the fans will undoubtedly love
    him in this role


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