Spartacus Star Liam McIntyre Joins The Flash as Weather Wizard

CW definitely knows where to pick out their talents for both hit TV series Arrow and The Flash; they also know that Spartacus is a hot bed of great talent; that being said another Spartacus alumni joins the cast of The Flash, this time it’s Spartacus himself, Liam McIntyre 



Ol’ Spartacus will be playing the role of the new Weather Wizard, assuming the mantle of the villain who was present in the pilot episode of the show which stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. The new wizard isn’t just anybody, he’s actually the brother of the dead Weather Wizard (the one Detective Joe West shot towards the end of S1E1).

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The second Mardon will have powers similar to the first and is said to be on a rampage looking for the man who shot his brother, Detective Joe West (Jesse L Martin). McIntyre will appear in episodes 15 and 16. McIntyre took over the role of Spartacus for the Starz television series when actor Andy Whitfield had to withdraw from the show due to his diagnosis with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma that led to his subsequent passing.

For fans of the Spartacus series, there has to be something entertaining about the idea that Crixus (Bennett) and Ashur (Tarabay) are imprisoned together on Lian Yu.

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