Toonami Reveals November 2015 Programming Highlights

Immerse yourself in people-vanishing mysteries with new episodes of ‘Wakfuonly on Toonami

Gear up and go on a fantastical adventure as new episodes of Wakfu take over Toonami this month. Yugo the Eliatrope is still unfazed with his quest to find his real family. He and his friends have traversed through dangerously tricky terrain inhabited by people with extraordinary magical powers.

In Sadida Kingdom, Yugo and his friends are just getting over the disappearance of Percedal, a brother-in-arms who fell during the great battle against Nox. As they continue on their quest, they find out that they can use the Eliacube, an Eliatrope magic artifact, to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his people as well as discover the key to finding them.

The series, based on a video game of the same name, takes the sojourners on a new quest this November only on Toonami.

Wakfu Season 2 airs new episodes on weekends at 8:45am. Catch the encore at 3:30pm only on Toonami.

Toonami is available on SKYcable Channel 42, Destiny Cable (Digital) Channel 42, Cignal Channel 36 and Cable Link Channel 214.


Dragon Ball Z New Episodes


Continues weekends at 9:30am; Encore at 9:30pm

Picking up from where the hugely popular Dragon Ball manga series left off, the Dragon Ball Z anime television show continues the sagas of Goku, the world’s strongest fighter, as he travels across dimensions fighting a variety of villains as the defender of Earth. Don’t miss it as past of Anime Siege only on Toonami!

BeyWarriors Cyborg New Episodes

BeyWarriors Cyborg

Continues weekends at 9:50am; Encore at 9pm

Warriors who resemble half-creatures and half-machines battle against each other in Teslandia, an abandoned planet ignored by the rest of the nearby planets due to its harsh environment. The gamechanger is the discovery of power spots containing high levels of energy called Sanctuaries which attracted mysterious vehicle-shaped Beyraiderz to Teslandia. The Beyraiderz were found to have the ability to synchronize with youths under the age of 17 living in Teslandia and summon the Cyborg creatures known as Warrior. The Warrior is then able to obtain energy by making Warriors battle against each other to turn the arid wasteland into a lush and bountiful world. What fate awaits them? Find out only on Toonami! 

Yokai Watch New Episodes


Continues weekends at 10:15am; Encore at 8:45pm

Join Keita with his Yokai Watch, Whisper and Jibanyan as they continue their quest in finding and meeting new Yokai friends along the way, encounter many mischievous Yokai around town and resolving the trouble they’re causing. Don’t miss all the new episodes only on Toonami as part of Anime Siege!


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